Trouble Agency is a Belgian Thrash Metal band from Brussels, formed in 1993. Founding members Didier Van Coppenolle (guitarist) and Bart Brion (drummer) decided to join forces, writing their first songs, embracing a unique blend of groovy Thrash Metal with Hard Core elements. The band is considered as one of the last of it’s generation being still active in Belgium. Trouble Agency was born on the ashes of 80’s Thrash Metal bands Cyclone and Decadence. Their music was described as being similar to crossover and thrash metal acts Sacred Reich, D.R.I., Destruction and Annihilator by Dutch magazine Aardschok and Metallian magazine from France. Through the years Trouble Agency has shared stages with acts as Exodus, Destruction, Immortal, Anvil, Hyades, Onslaught and Paradox and headlined the Metal Blast festival held at the Botanique in Brussels. They also played Wacken Open Air in 2014's.

The original Trouble Agency line-up consisted of Didier Van Coppenolle (ex-Brain Cancer and Necrosis), Bart Brion (ex-Decadence) with Kalle Vanlint (ex-Cyclone & Decadence) on guitars, bassist Alain Fabry (ex-Necrosis), and Serge Van Bossele on vocals. The band recorded ‘Alone’ (1996) and ‘Angry’ (1998), their first two demos,  and was joined back then by Pascal Haneuse on drums and Didier Meeus on vocals. Trouble Agency then released their first studio demo called ‘Bite Into Life’ (2002), which was recorded and produced by Xavier Carrion (ex-Cyclone & Channel Zero) and featured  Jamal Obeidat on drums. Larry Van De Rostyne (ex-Decadence) joined the group on lead guitars in 2003. This line-up was the longest to last and also recorded Trouble Agency’s first studio album 'Moneycracy' in 2006. The band’s commitment to self-releasing their albums and remaining independent from any local or major labels is obvious, and the music nevertheless always has been well received by the public. Jamal Obeidat’s departure from the band in 2008 opened a breach in the line-up, as bassist Alain Fabry and singer Didier Meeus left Trouble Agency shortly after.

Though Trouble Agency never broke-up; the most important line-up changes, occurring around 2010, didn’t affect the band’s inspiration or style. Trouble Agency recruited drummer François De Bock (ex- Breathstealer) and as a three-piece, released the totally self-recorded demo LP ‘The Last Shot’ (2011) with mastermind Didier Van Coppenolle assuming rhythm guitars as well as vocals and Larry Van De Rostyne on both lead guitars and bass. The addition of Simon Mouawad on bass definitely put Trouble Agency back on track, allowing them to bounce back and recruit longtime friend Kevin Nolis (ex- Breathstealer and Wasted Years) on vocals during early 2013. The Belgians now are releasing their new full-length album 'Suspected' – once again totally self-released.

The album can be ordered via the band’s website.

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