Public Relation Services

In general, we are open to promote physical products & downloads coming from all styles of music. Our main preferences though lie on the rock & metal genres including all styles such as Rock, AOR, Hard Rock, Metal and all sub-genres. Our clients both include labels and also bands with self-financed releases.

The changing market requires individual strategies for various kinds of data carriers, downloads & streams. All CD formats such as CD albums, CD singles and EP’s but also vinyls and DVD’s are welcome. We also offer specialized PR campaigns for "Digital only" releases.

In co-operation with the product managers at the label, the first goal of a campaign will beto develop a hand-made concept for each product. This includes negotiations about duration, size, PR territory and main targets of the campaign. After compiling an individual mail shot list for the discussed product, the mailout to selected media will be the next step.

Services offered during the promotional campaign may amongst others include:

  • CD Mailings or download submissions to relevant media partners incl. individual promo sheets
  • printed rock & metal magazines
  • rock & metal radios incl. internet radio
  • online magazines & blogs
  • yellow press & city magazines (Germany only)
  • selected TV contacts
  • freelancers
  • Telephone and/or e-mail inquiries on interview requests and reviews
  • Registrations for relevant soundchecks of printed magazines
  • Acquisition of competitions in the most important magazines, radio stations and online magazines
  • Special online activities (single give-aways, bannering etc.)
  • Clip PR
  • Tour PR
  • News PR
  • Web 2.0 PR
  • Individually timed, direct feedback of any incoming results with client and/ or distributors
  • Artist support service on tour and during interview days, planning and realization of PR trips

During the promotional campaign, labels, bands and distributors will receive regular feedback about the progress and results of the campaign via e-mail and telephone.

An individual campaign requires an individual financing suggestion. In general, we offer three different kinds of charge types:

  • All-around price for a specified campaign/ title – to be negotiated.
  • Monthly payment/ flat rate – most suitable for long-time collaborations.
  • Daily rate – usually valid for artist support services only.



Marketing Services

Our marketing concepts cover all kinds of genres from Rock to Heavy Metal for budgets both small and big with a focus on the German territory. Knowledge of the market and working with the right contacts are two major aspects we rely on.
Service includes the compilation of a suitable, product-orientated marketing plan, consulting and the execution of the previously discussed schedules.


All-in-one Solutions

All-In-One-Solutions in general mainly appeal to bands with own releases or so called “self-financed” releases – without being signed to a label in the traditional sense - or smaller labels without a distributor for the German market.

The internet and the changing market opens a lot of doors for artists to promote, market and sell their products on their own. GerMusica Promotion offers these bands the possibility to transfer “common” label work onto a smaller, individual level but with an aim for a similar result.

All-In-One-Solutions for bands can include:

  • Setting up of contacts to labels, mailorder companies and distributors in Europe and world-wide
  • Label & product management
  • Planning and complementation of marketing campaigns
  • Planning and realization of press campaigns to the key media
  • General consulting matters
  • Mediation of services providers such as graphic designers, pressing plants, producers, mastering companies and more