product: Chris Brockbank's Phantom MKV- Phantom

release date: 07.06.2017

label: Bad Reputation

PR: Germany & Austria

If you like original, heavy Aussie rock along the lines of Deep Purple, Dio, Whitesnake, Rainbow you don’t want to miss Phantom MkV. Their last couple of gigs received rave reviews in Sydney's live music media.Guitarist/composer Chris Brockbank has been in the music industry for many years and has been compared to guitarist Richie Blackmore. His latest project Phantom MkV features Chris’ long-time keyboardist Jeff Morris, vocalist Steve Mulry (Tribute to Ted Mulry Gang & ex-Black Label), drummer Mick O’Shea (Swanee, Judge Mercy) and bassist Damian McDonald (Daddy Frisco).

Music composition, performance and recording has always been where Brockbank’s passions are though. Phantom has constantly been a band name always associated with Chris Brockbank. Inspired by both the sound engineering term phantom power, and the phantoms, or wraiths in Tolkien’s world, Phantom’s music has always been technically adept, and ethereal at the same time. This current project is the fifth cycle of Chris Brockbank’s Phantom, and Brockbank has chosen the ideal performers to make this an extraordinary band.

PHANTOM MKV has just brought out a monstrous album where the spectres of Ronnie James Dio and John Lord come to dance in the burning flames of the inflammatory guitars of the Australian Blackmore

Cover artwork by Matt Dixon