product: Two Big MC's - Live At Patrimonio

release date: 05.03.2020

label: Bad Reputation

PR territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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PAT McMANUS and ERIC McFADDEN play live and jam.

Pat McManus and Eric McFadden both have a serious discography (more than fifty albums combined). While the former made his name with his band Mama’s Boys, the latter made a name for himself by supporting George Clinton, Eric Burdon and Joe Strummer. Then the two thieves started a solo journey with the Pat Mcmanus Band and Eric McFadden (and Trio and other side-projects). Signed on the same French label Bad Reputation, the two teammates met once at the Café de la Danse in Paris in 2009 where Pat came jammer on a Jimi Hendrix track with Eric McFadden. When two extraterrestrials of the guitar, they are definitely not human, meet, that gives guaranteed thrills. And it is not at Patrimonio in 2019 that we will tell you the opposite , the two musicians jamming two nights in a row leaving a crowd in ecstasy before so much genius and sharing. The Irish Professor and the American Voodoo-Gypsy, getting along like two stooges, gave their approval to collaborate on the project 2 Big Mc’s. 6 musicians on stage and covers of some great standards of rock and blues, This is the party you’re invited to! Take their word for it, two Big Mcs on stage, it’s fried!

No Overdubs !

On Tour May-June-July