product: DOOR 964 - C.O.T.D

release date: 19.02.2021

label: Soundmix Oy

PR territory: Europe

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Door 964 is a brand new band from Oulu, Finland. Even though the group is new, all the musicians are well established in the Finnish rock scene since years. Musically, Door 964 is not trying to innovate the wheel again. “It’s all based sincerely traditional melodic rock goodies”, says lead vocalist and main song writer Sami Huotari. The debut album “C.O.T.D” contains 8 great songs which offer memorable riffs, a rock solid rhythm section and beautiful, atmospheric keyboards. And all is covered with world class vocals with its catchy melodies and chorus lines.

A good example which shows the variety of the release is the furious opening track “Fire At Will” that starts the game like the hammer hitting straight between the eyes. The album then continues with the epic title track “C.O.T.D”, and an ethereal atmosphere found in the video track “Wings” without forgetting clever melodies in the closing track, “Worlds Collide”.

The video for the track “Wings” in advance was released in early January 2021 and is found on Youtube via this link:

“C.O.T.D” is also an excellent example of almost lost art of recording and mixing quality, and it takes the listener to great sonic journey through the album. “C.O.T.D” was recorded, mixed and mastered at the legendary Soundmix Studios in Oulu Finland by Mika Pohjola.