product: Todd Griffin - Mountain Man

label: Bad Reputation

release date: 10.01.2014

format: CD

PR territory: Germany & Austria

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Todd Griffin was signed by Geffen Records in the 90's as the lead vocalist of The Graveyard Train. Today Griffin has broken away from the major labels and is in total control of driving his solo career in his chosen direction away from the darkness style of The Graveyard Train. Griffin's debut solo album "Trial By Fire" on the Northern Mechanical label shows his blended mystical spiritual hard rock style that has a calming effect filled with lightness which is about this artist reinventing himself not trying to make it in the business in a commercial sense. With credits such as being the vocalist for "That 70's Song" during the opening season of "That 70's Show," and also working as a music director, Griffin's future looks promising as he further develops his solo career.


To follow his well-received debut solo album ‘Trial By Fire’ and inspirational sophomore album ‘Griffin’ (both CD’s to be reissued  in 2015 with bonus tracks on Bad Reputation), Todd Griffin has joined in continued music fusion of Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin with influences including timeless artists Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Neil Young. When Todd Griffin first arrived in Hollywood he started singing for a local band called NRG that would soon play on the same bill as Guns N' Roses and Poison at the Troubadour. Soon Griffin's haunting vocals became the talk of the town and industry insiders took notice. While in NRG a tape of Todd Griffin was given by Aaron Jacobes (an A&R scout for A&M records), to the Jon Bon Jovi camp. After receiving the tape Griffin was flown by the band to London in which Jon Bon Jovi treated him like royalty by having him picked up from Heathrow airport in a white Jaguar limo and driven to a castle that was converted into a five star hotel. This was Todd Griffin's moment of breaking into the coveted rock star world in which he came with $40 in his pocket but was well taken care of in London so he didn't have to worry about spending $27 for bacon and eggs which was the cheapest thing on the menu. Shortly after, Todd Griffin was looking for a band and solely founded, The Graveyard Train, taken the name from an old Creedence Clearwater song. The band performed five shows throughout Hollywood-Ca and was quickly in the middle of a bidding war with 8 major labels. Geffen Records was the highest bidder and Todd Griffins mind was made up, The Graveyard Train would be signed to Geffen Records. Life became a constant party 24/7, and priorities became mixed up for the band with music not being the main focus and distractions taking over.

Back in 2014 ! Todd kept many friends in the profession as Jack Russell and Mark Kendall (Great White) but also quite a lot of knowledge. This is the way for his third solo album, he surrounded itself with attractive sharks evolving in waters bluesy: Mitch Perry ( U.F.O). Jorgen Carlson (Gov' t mule), Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams) and still Arlan Oscar (Joe Bonamassa). The voice and the play of Todd Griffin's guitar did not change. The artist adores the soul, the blues, the rock and that transpires on this album. Does not he shout his beautiful hoarse voice " Stand Up For Rock'n'Roll, Stand Up and Free Your Soul "? Glory Train and its Rolling Stone rhythmic, Mountain King and it stench of bayou in the CCR way and still Devil Women and its Animals inspiration are such beautiful firebrands. Geronimo, These Days and Voice Of The People are not outdone and are groovy as one pleases. Let us make straight: we hold here a fun, exalting and exciting album. Todd Griffin should travel Europe in 2015. Alone or accompanied, it does not matter, the man is affable and so much has to offer.