PRIDE & JOY MUSIC are happy to announce the world-wide signing of Canadian Epic Metal band OPERUS! Their new album "Score Of Nightmares" is set for release on June 19th, 2020!

Check out the band's most recent video for the track "La Llorona" on Youtube here:

A remixed version of this track will appear on the coming album. The track list is: 1) Overture of Madness, 2) Phantasia, 3) Lost, 4) Dance With Fire, 5) Echoes, 6) Where Falcons Fly, 7) Nightmares, 8) Book of Shadows, 9) The Mirror, 10) Ruin, 11) La Llorona

OPERUS' world class performance style is a cross breed of a metal band with a travelling theatre troupe that come together to produce a unique sound and thrilling live show.
Formed by six professional musicians, OPERUS' depth comes from the vast musical experience each member brings with them. From extensive studio time, to worldwide performances in metal bands, Symphonic/chamber orchestras and the stages of musical theatre. OPERUS has come for all metalheads and music lovers around the globe.

The combined musical knowledge in OPERUS comes from decades of intense dedication to music with University and Masters Degrees, Royal Conservatory of Music certifications and first-hand experience from performing live across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

These experiences from the band members include well known ensembles such as Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Robin Howe), Annihilator (Oscar Rangel), Vital Remains (Dean Paul Arnold), Skull Fist (J.J. Tartaglia), Eclipse Eternal (Wojciech Sokolowski), and leading roles in professional theatrical productions such as Jukebox Hero and Beauty & the Beast (David Michael Moote).

OPERUS has brought their world class performance to such great stages as Wacken in Germany and Force Fest in Mexico in addition to opening for power metal heavy hitters Sonata Arctica and the Rhapsody Reunion Tour.

In 2015 OPERUS recorded and produced their debut EP, “Opus I”, which was followed by their debut full length album "Cenotaph" recorded at Silverwings Studios, Montreal in early 2017. Cenotaph was released worldwide on October 13, 2017 through Dark Star Records in Association with MVD Entertainment and Sony Music.

Right in time for their tour with Semblant in April, Italian Heavy Metal band SECRET RULE’s new and fifth album in total, “Against”, was released on Friday last week via Pride & Joy Music!


In support of “Against”, the band also has released two video clips to promote. The video for the track “Purgatory” now has crossed the 100.000 plays mark and can be watched here:


The second video, this time for the track “Shades Of Humanity” is found at the following URL:


Some press feedback:

“An album suitable for fans of the lesser progressive Nightwish and Kamelot!” (Rock Hard, DE)

“All the elements of melody and dynamics are there in a grandiose collection of songs and it would be a miss not to alert the hoards of fans of Evanescence and Within Temptation to Secret Rule’s “on the same class” page.” (Power Play, UK)

“The Italians have developed significantly since the last production.” (

“From the first couple of seconds of this album, I could tell I was going to like it. However, I was wrong, I did not just like it. I loved it!” (Über Rock, UK)

 “More electronical elements, more power & more own identity! Great performance!” (

“This is no ordinary concept album, i found its hypotheses a combination of human condition and that of the celestial, challenged on an unknown passage as cyber slaves.” (Rock Poser, UK)

“SECRET RULE is a damn good band!” (Hard Rock, SE)

“’Against’ is an excellent modern symphonic metal album which gives us songs with a dark style, with fast, heavy, forceful, energetic, romantic, and direct musical notes!” (Darkzen, MEX)

“Everyone who liked the band’s previous records, can buy this one blind!” (Crossfire, DE)

“Imagine a fusion of the best elements of Evanescence, Nightwish, Trivium, old elements from The Gathering with hard rock/heavy elements, and the listener can have an idea of what is expecting on this album. And the band shows an amazing flow of energy on each song.” (Metal Temple, GR)

“So, the question here is what we are going to hear from Secret Rule's newest effort? The answer is simple: modern melodic metal stuff with powerful performances, tons of melodies and some killer songs. For me, Secret Rule is one of the best new bands in this particular scene.” (Heavy Paradise, GR)


SECRET RULE are a busy live band – catch them on one or more of the following dates soon:

SECRET RULE (as support for Semblant)

02.04. BE-Namur, Belvedere

03.04. NL-Rotterdam, Baroeg

04.04. FR-Paris, La Boule Noire

05.04. D-Weinheim, Café Central

06.04. UK-London, The Underworld Camden

09.04. P-Lisboa,RCA CLUB

10.04. E-Madrid, Nazca Music Live

11.04. E-Barcelona, Razzmatazz 3

12.04. F-Lyon, Rock N Eat

13.04. CH-St. Maurice, Le Manoir Pub

14.04. CH-Pratteln, Konzertfabrik Z7

15.04. D-Berlin, Musik & Frieden

16.04. PL, Klub Zaścianek

17.04.SK-Bratislava, Randal Club 

18.04. I-Rome, Traffic Live 


SECRET RULE (with supports: Akoma & Oversense)

02.06. UK-Manchester, Rebellion

03.06. UK-London, Nambucca

04.06. UK-Newcastle, Trillions

05.06. UK- Swansea, Hangar 18

06.06. UK-Birmingham, The Castle & Falcon

07.06. UK-Norwich, The Brickmakers


More about SECRET RULE:


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Aussie Theatrical Glam rock Warriors CROSSON,  show us their tongue-in-cheek side with the release their new video ‘ Weak At The Knees ( For A Hot Brunette!!) ’.  Shot in Sydney, Australia, the video features a guest appearance by dazzling Australian/ Portuguese model Paulina Roxo.

Crosson vocalist, writer and producer Jason Crosson says about the song: “With so many songs about blondes, it was about time all the brunettes around the world were celebrated!”

Check out the video here:  

Weak At The Knees ( For A Hot Brunette!!) ’ is the second single for the new CROSSON album Rock N Roll Love Affair which comes crash landing from the stratosphere on 27 March 2020 through Melodic Rock Records.

Be sure to catch CROSSON on tour in February and March 2020 with Crazy Lixx, Reckless Love, Enuff Z Nuff & Ron Keel.  

The album is available for press & radio based in Europe via Haulix through us! Jason Crosson also is available for interviews as well!

This month with news from Newman, Return, Arkado & Easy Action!


::: British Melodic Rock band NEWMAN return with “Ignition” in March!”

In 1997 singer, songwriter Steve Newman formed the band NEWMAN and since 1998 have been producing consistently high quality albums filled with hook laden songs and thought provoking lyrics.


In 2018 NEWMAN were invited back to play the HRH Festival in support of the 20th anniversary of their first album. The rest of 2018 and for the first part of 2019 Steve remained busy writing and recording for other artists in different genres, taking a break from focusing on Newman and moving into different areas both musically and lyrically.

Revitalized, and after a break of two years Steve turned his attention to the next NEWMAN album. Bringing in influences from some of the projects he'd worked on previously but also returning to the writing and sound that has become part of the Newman legacy.

So, the first NEWMAN album in 3 years "Ignition" is finally here, 12 songs in a natural continuation from 2017's "Aerial" release. The album was recorded at Chrome Dome Studios in London between May and October 2019 with all songs being written and arranged by Steve Newman. 

Steve Newman: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Rob McEwen: Drums & Percussion

Dave Bartlett: backing vocals on “End Of The Road”, “Ignition” and “Moving Target”

Mark Thompson-Smith: backing vocals on “Worth Dying For” and “Welcome To The Rush”

Audio video:

Release date: March 27th, 2020


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::: ARKADO debut with “Never Say Never” on March 31st, 2020! :::

ARKADO were founded in 1983 in Ödåkra (near Helsingborg), Sweden. Originally, the band was named to BB2 (Better Be Together). Way back then, BB2 recorded a vinyl single which became the hymn of the football club Ödåkra IF which still is played there today at every match. 


In May 2018, BB2 executed a live concert in Helsingborg which was totally sold out. The “dream” of again being reckoned as a band, if so only locally, flamed up. In August 2018, the Swedish based group teamed up with some new additional members. The “new” band was named to ARKADO when reverting the name “Ödåkra” and now offers their first full-length AOR album which is entitled “Never Say Never”. 

“Never Say Never” was recorded & produced by Mikael Svensson and recorded at LdM Studios, Chasing Sparks studio, Lindstrand Music and Skafars studio; mixed by Mikael Svensson at LdM Studios and mastered at Panic Room.

Line-up: Philip Lindstrom (vocals, lead guitars), Mats Nilsson & Martin Kirschner (guitars), Mikael Skafar (drums & backing vocals), Bernt Lundgren (bass), Mikael Svensson (keyboards & backing vocals)

Video clip:

Release date: March 27th, 2020


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::: “AOR HEAVEN re-issue RETURN’s classic “V” album! :::

Although never offered the same opportunities compatriots TNT and Stage Dolls enjoyed in venturing into the US and British markets, Norwegian melodic hard rock band Return nevertheless have carved their own place in the annals of rock history, with a quite illustrious career to boast of in their own right. The band’s fifth album, ‘V’, reissued courtesy of AOR Heaven, perfectly captures what Return were all about.


Picture credit: Norway’s National Library

Comprised of Knut Erik Østgård (v), Steinar Hagen (g), Tore Larsen (b) and Øyvind Håkonsen (d), Return were founded in the early 80s combining various influences from punk, ska, disco, pop and hard rock drawing major inspiration from British bands such as Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and The Police.

By the mid 80s there was certainly a very interesting music scene happening in Norway, too, with the likes of the aforementioned TNT, Stage Dolls and other emerging acts, including Da Vinci. Winning a band competition got them a deal with ARCO records, eventually resulting in the debut ‘To The Top’ (1987) arousing interest with majors like CBS who signed them for the next three records, ‘Attitudes’ (1988),’Straight Down The Line’ (1989) and ‘Fourplay’ (1991) leading the band to basically constantly tour from 1987 to 1994 and develop musically and form some kind of Return brotherhood.

For ‘V’, the album at hand, with its slightly more international approach, the band followed their label managers to EMI Norway. Recordings took place during the summer of 1992 in Glen Studio in Stockholm and the mix in Studio Nova in Norway. Unfortunately, soon after grunge struck Norway, too, and after yet again some extensive touring, in 1994 Return decided to take a break which actually lead to a six year hiatus.

Return’s, uh, return to action occurred in the year 2000 when a best of compilation sold a total of 120.000 copies! More compilations, e.g. a live output, followed over the years. Being the strongest effort so far, Return still play a considerable amount of the songs from ‘V’ in their sets of their occasional live appearances.

2020 is a year to celebrate. It is 40 years since four young guys met in a small rehearsal room and started to make great music together. This re-issue was re-mastered by Chris Lyne, offers an upgraded booklet with vintage picture material from the archives and comes as 1000 copies only ltd. edition and is being sold via mailorder only. Liner notes by Dave Reynolds.

Release date: March 27th, 2020

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Remark: ltd. to 1000 copies; available via mailorder only


::: EASY ACTION release “Eye For An Eye” video clip filmed at Sweden Rock 2019!”

To celebrate the release of the re-mastered edition of their 1986 album ”That Makes One”, EASY ACTION drops a live video from their performance at Sweden Rock Festival last summer. The song ”Eye For an Eye” was recorded for the 1986 album but only released as a rare b-side. It is now included in the new CD edition together with one more bonus track. The band is currently recording new music, though no details are available.

The video is found at this link:

The re-mastered re-release ”That makes One ” is available through AOR Heaven - and 1000 copies only - this Friday, Jan 31.

Easy Action are: Tommy Nilsson, Kee Marcello, Chris Lindh, Björn Höglund, Jörgen Ingeström, Nalle Påhlsson

Kee Marcello currently is available for a few interviews!

Release date: January 31st, 2020

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Haulix: still available

Remark: ltd. to 1000 copies; available via mailorder only

This month with news from Jesse Damon & Shaft Of Steel


::: Former SILENT RAGE singer Jesse Damon returns with “Damon’s Rage” on February 28th, 2020!:::


The musical pathway of Jesse Damon’s life has been inspired by some of the biggest artists in rock music. Jesse's story starts back in the glory days of the eighties as the lead singer and guitarist for the band Silent Rage that rose to fame in 1989 when signed by Gene Simmons to Simmons/RCA Records for their second release entitled "Don't Touch Me There" which brought critical acclaim and rave reviews. It was deemed # 1 album on the European Charts. "Rebel With A Cause" was the single featured on MTV and the video placed into heavy rotation on MTV's Head Bangers Ball. The strength of the album and video led to the band opening for Black Sabbath on their North American tour. During this time in Jesse's career he formed a friendship with Gene Simmons of Kiss, co-writing songs together and eventually co-writing the song “Thou Shalt Not” from the Kiss album “Revenge” for which Jesse was presented a gold album award.

In 2002, he went on to record another co-written song with Simmons entitled "Everybody Needs Somebody" from his own debut album "The Hand That Rocks." Jesse launched into a solo career and has recorded six of his own releases. The first five solo albums are a mix of well crafted melodic rock songs and intense ballads.

Jesse Damon's new album "Damon's Rage" delivers a killer dose of powerful songs, rock ‘n’ roll anthems and unforgettable choruses! He's known for his distinct vocals, songwriting and his  rocking guitar style by blending melodic rock with metal to create his own sound, but his songwriting is his main maestro that is prevalent throughout his performances on this new album. Acclaimed AOR artist Paul Sabu is at the helm once again producing this album and also co-writing two songs with Jesse titled "Love Gone Wild" and "Wildest Dreams."

This time around all tracks were recorded by Jesse Damon and Paul Sabu and everything was on they're shoulders. From the beginning of recording this album Jesse felt he had a collection of great songs and they both decided to conquer this task and tackle it on their own.

Audio video:

Release date: February 28th, 2020


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::: SHAFT OF STEEL debut with “Steel Heartbeat” on February 28th, 2020!:::


SHAFT OF STEEL are a melodic hard rock band based in London, UK and centered around the songwriting partnership of Alex Markham (guitar) and Robert Fenning (vocals). The group’s line-up is completed by Adam Carruthers (guitar), Dominic Swords (bass), Chris Smurthwaite (keyboards) and Michael Levy (drums).

Formed in 2004 at Hull University, SHAFT OF STEEL began life as a power metal band influenced by acts such as Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Blind Guardian. Guitarist Alex Markham and vocalist Robert Fenning soon discovered that they had a shared love of 80s rock and pop music, in particular Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Journey, and quickly sought to combine these sounds with their metal influences. After three years as a popular and much-loved local act on the Scarborough music scene, the band went their separate ways after graduating.

In 2011, after establishing themselves in other careers, the band felt it was finally right to regroup and record an EP. Bassist Andy Cooper and drummer Garth Vickers from the earlier incarnation of SHAFT OF STEEL re-joined, along with Markham’s school friends, guitarist Adam Carruthers and keyboard player Chris Smurthwaite.

During their hiatus, the members of SHAFT OF STEEL learned of the thriving AOR scene in mainland Europe and were determined to introduce more melodic influences into their music upon reforming. The band’s self-titled debut EP was released independently in 2014 and picked up plaudits in the music press all around the globe, appearing in Classic Rock AOR, Powerplay and Fireworks magazines and a host of online publications.

SHAFT OF STEEL subsequently made their first live appearance with their new line-up, supporting UK melodic rock heavyweights VEGA at The Garage in London in 2014. Since then, they’ve appeared at the prestigious HRH AOR Festival in North Wales and The Underworld, Camden, where they delivered a storming hour-long set, filled with new material.

Bassist Andy Cooper and drummer Garth Vickers departed the line-up in 2017 and were replaced respectively by Dominic Swords and Michael Levy, both of whom had already played in earlier incarnations of the band. A full-length album remained an ongoing project in the years following the EP release and it was finally completed in late 2019.

SHAFT OF STEEL have signed to AOR Heaven for the release of the new album, entitled ‘Steel Heartbeat’. They have made major stylistic leaps on this record, taking influence from a range of melodic hard rock and AOR acts, including Work of Art, FM, Harem Scarem, Strangeways and Shy, while being careful not to abandon their metal roots.

‘Steel Heartbeat’ features backing vocals on all tracks from respected American producer and musician Dennis Ward. Famous for being the bass player in legendary German hard rockers Pink Cream 69 (and, more recently, the vocalist for Firewind main man Gus G’s solo material), Ward appeared on the band’s debut EP and has also mastered the record. The album was produced and mixed by guitarist Alex Markham, who took up the same roles on the debut EP.

Release date: February 28th, 2020

Audio video:


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