This month with news from: Mike Machine and Midnite City


:::MIKE MACHINE release debut album “Alive" on April 26th, 2019 via AOR Heaven!”


MIKE MACHINE was formed in November 2017 in Piteå, Sweden by front man and songwriter Michael Löfqvist (Cryonic) plus Crazze Crantz and Johnny O’dee from the new line-up of Cryonic. The band was previously known as the power metal band Cryonic who’ve released several albums through the years. MIKE MACHINE now is inspired by more 80s rock/glam styles in a modern way and boiled down the band to four members. The group had been working on a couple of new songs which were released as an EP in May 2017. The Swedes has made really good experiences with their  live performance and love to kick ass and blow your brain out on stage. MIKE MACHINE also appears on a heavy metal sampler album released in Europe 2017 with the song called “No More”.

The plan was to release a full album as soon as possible. Mike Machine produced the album "Alive" in Piteå North of Sweden in a village called Sikfors in 2018. The band recorded all songs, mixed and mastered "Alive" in the studio "ITG Studio" with Tommy Eliasson. Finally, they signed a record deal with AOR Heaven from Germany in November 2018. 

Line-up: Mike - Lead vocals; Mikael - Lead guitar; Crazze – Bass; Johnnny O’dee - Drums

Mike Machine’s "Alive" video on Youtube:

Soundfiles in advance:

MIKE MACHINE - Fight To Survive (Edit)

MIKE MACHINE - In Your Dream (Edit)

MIKE MACHINE - It's My Life (Edit)


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Haulix: available from March 8th, 2019


::: MIDNITE CITY announce UK tour dates; Atlas support act! :::

MIDNITE CITY with supports: Devilfire & Atlas

01.06. UK-Bradford, Trash

06.06. UK-Stoke, Eleven

07.06. UK-Nottingham, Alberts

14.06. UK-Cannock, The Station

15.06. UK-Crumun, The Patriot

22.06. UK-Grimsby, The Yardbirds


16.03. UK-HRH AOR Festival


Current album: “There Goes The Neighbourhood” (2018, AOR Heaven)


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Press material for all releases:

@youtube: channel/UC24iczfMPdWMumIYlLg91dg

This month with news from: Echoes, Floating Worlds, Lugnet, MASS, Qantice, Tarchon Fist, and a tour date update.


::: Next release: QANTICE – The Anastoria – out April 26th, 2019! :::

Qantice is more than your average virtuoso symphonic metal band. Its sci-fi saga encompasses both a story and the craziest sci fi/fantasy movie atmospheres. Enriched by a violinist and various traditional instruments, the sound of the French quintet is unique in this scene.


On their previous album “The Phantonauts”, Qantice had gathered prestigious names like PelleK (3 million subscribers on YouTube) as lead vocalist, Zaher Zorgati (Myrath) or Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land). Then, in 2016, the band recruited Swedish singer David Akesson (Aldaria, Vivaldi Metal Project, Six Foot Six, ex Moonlight Agony) to share the stage with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody on their European tour, and then Myrath in Paris.

Thanks to a lineup strengthened by touring together, the band’s chemistry is stronger than ever, making this third album their most epic and collaborative effort yet. With Kevin Codfert (Adagio, Myrath) on production and many surprises such as Italian opera tenor Riccardo Cecci from L T’s Rhapsody, here’s a new offering of pure epicness, served by the biggest orchestras and choirs ever deployed in a Qantice album.


David Åkesson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Trumpet; Tony Beaufils: Guitars, Banjo, Bouzouki, Synths and Orchestration; Alexandra Laya: Violin; Christine Lanusse: Bass; Aurélien Joucla: Drums


Riccardo Cecci: Vocals on Fractal Universe, Krooner; Dimitri Halby: Transverse Flute on Little Knight's Oath; John Lang: Uilleann pipe on Rivers Can't Fly; Justine Descamps: Oboe on Timeline Tragedy; Arnaud Condé: Flute on Cosmic Sway; Bassoon on Cosmic Sway, Fractal Universe; Kevin Codfert: Piano on Without a Hero, Mad Clowns; Tomaz Boucherifi-Kadiou: Bombarde on Timeline Tragedy


Formats: CD and digital

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Haulix: available now

Release date: April 26th, 2019


::: MASS – PR start for “Still Chained”! :::

The PR campaign for the comeback album “Still Chained” by German Hard Rock veterans MASS now has started! Please request the title if you haven’t done this yet. The band also is available for interviews!


Founded in 1973 with an international line-up (from Germany, Switzerland, USA), MASS in their prime time played about 180 gigs in clubs and at  festivals every year all over Europe. They sold over 200.000 albums and received radio airplay all over the continent. The album „Slaughter House“ (1979) hit the top 5 of the Greek album charts. A few years later, the readers of a famous German Hard Rock magazine voted MASS on # 4 of the best German Metal Bands after the Scorpions, Accept and Warlock. But fate doesn’t care about glory or fame. Just like so many musicians at the time, they had to pay the price for an excessive Rock’ n Roll lifestyle which resulted in the breakup of the band in 1987.

The band returns on April 26th, 2019 with their brand new studio album “Still Chained”.

Next live dates:

26.04. D-Regensburg, Tiki Beat

13.09. D-Wurz, Storm Crusher Festival


Formats: CD & digital

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Haulix: available now

Release date: April 26th, 2019


::::FLOATING WORLDS return with new album “Battleship Oceania” on May 17th, 2019! :::

FLOATING WORLDS are pleased to announce the release of our third album entitled “Battleship Oceania” via Pride & Joy Music, on May 17th 2019.


The album consists of 12 songs and narrates the story of a legendary battleship and its crew, who both turned into a horrifying floating ghost, after the assignment of a mission that proved to be fatal.

Through the unexpected revelations and events that take place as the story unfolds, the listeners take a close look at the ugly face of war, the manipulations of vain people interested in power and money and the obscure role of global media but they also have the opportunity to witness the self-sacrifice for the greater good, the sincere repentance and the greatness of forgiveness.

The album was recorded and mixed at “CFN Recordings Studio” by Dion Christodoulatos. Mastering was held by Nasos Nomikos at “Vu Productions Mastering Studio”. Front cover was designed by Virginia Kakava and booklet was designed by Costas Capayannidis.


  1.  Oceania,  2.  Sailing In History, 3.  New Mission, 4.  The Empire Of The Media, 5.  The Curse,  6.  Retribution, 7.  Game Of Thrones, 8.  Captain Evil,  9.  The Last Goodbye, 10. Devine Love, 11. Eternal Sleep, 12. Island Of Dreams


Haulix: end of March/ early April

Release date: May 17th, 2019


::: ECHOES release trailer for “Live From The Dark Side”! :::

On March 15th, 2019 Germany’s finest PINK FLOYD tribute Band ECHOES will release their new 2-CD, Blu-ray, DVD and Box Set “Live From The Dark Side” which was filmed last year at Rock Of Ages Festival in Germany.

Check out the brand new trailer here:

During the event, ECHOES were joined on stage by the guests Geoff Tate (Operation Mindcrime), Michael Sadler (Saga) and Midge Ure (Ultravox).


Formats: 2-CD, Blu-ray, DVD, digital & box

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Haulix (audio): available now

Release date: March 15th, 2019


::: New signing: TARCHON FIST from Italy!”

pic by: Stefano "Steve" De Guglielmo

PRIDE & JOY MUSIC welcomes a new signing on board: Italian Heavy Metal band TARCHON FIST! The band was founded in 2005 on the ashes of 80’s Metal band RAIN by Lvcio Tattioni (guitars) and just has finished the recordings for their fourth studio album called “Apocalypse” which will be released in Summer 2019. Stay tuned for more news on this band soon and check out a live video from their most recent appearance at Wacken Open Air here:

Tarchon Fist are:

Mirco “Ramon” Ramondo – Lead Vocals; Luciano “Lvcio” Tattini – Guitars and Vocals; Sergio “Rix” Rizzo – Guitars and Vocals; Marco “Wallace” Pazzini – Bass Guitars and Vocals; Giacomo “Jack” Lauretani – Drums


New album: Apolcalypse (to be released in August 2019)


:::LUGNET hit the Swedish vinyl chart “Nightwalker”!:::

On February 1st, 2019 Swedish 70’s Hard Rock band LUGNET hit the official sales chart in their native country Sweden on #10 for the first time with the vinyl version of the “Nightwalker” release!

The band thrives on new singer Johan Fahlbergs (Jaded Heart) voice with immense power and range. The extraordinary driving rhythm section consists of bass player Lennart "Z" Zethzon (Badge) and drummer Fredrik Jansson (Angel Witch, ex Witchcraft). New guitar player Matti Norlin adds (Badge and solo artist) a great bluestone, together with heavy guitar riffs from Marcus "Mackan" Holten.

Check out the video for the track “Begging’” here:


Formats: CD, LP and digital

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Haulix: available

Release date: January 25th, 2019


::: TOUR DATES :::


15.03. F-Besancon, PDZ


25.07.-27.07.2019 D-Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Headbanger’s Open Air


15.03. D-Erfurt, Das Brett

16.03. D-Neuruppin, Kulturkirche

30.03. D-Forst, Alex-Hiber-Forum

12.04. D-Bonn, Harmonie

27.04. D-Hagen, Stadthalle

11.05. D-Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal

21.06. D-Kranichfeld, Freilichtbühne

29.06. D-Nürnberg, Serenadenhof

29.07. D-Calw, Klostersommer

31.07. D-Klingenberg/Main, Clingenburg

02.08. D-Magdeburg, Seebühne

11.08. D-München, Brunnenhof der Residenz

22.09. D-Hanau, Amphitheater 

11.10. D-Wendlingen, Zeltspektakel

12.10. D-Mörfelden, Bürgerhaus

25.10. D-Zweibrücken, Festhalle

26.10. D- Saarlouis, Theater am Ring

31.10. D-Landshut, Sparkassenarena

09.11. D-Vallendar, Stadthalle

16.11. D-Zwickau, Stadthalle

22.11. D-Osnabrück, Rosenhof

06.12. D-Landau, Universum

07.12. D-Rastatt, Badnerhalle



13.03. D-Hamburg, Logo

05.04. D-Steinbruch, Duisburg

04.05. D-Hamburg, Maria’s Ballroom

18.05. D-Aldenhoven, Rockheaven


10.08. SE-Tungelsta/Stockholm, Trädgårdsrocken Festival


24.06. D-Regensburg, Tiki Beat

13.09. D-Wurz, Storm Crusher Festival

SECRET RULE (with supports: Astray Valley & Blackdraft)

26.04. D-Mörlenbach, Live Music Hall

27.04. D-Leipzig, Hellraiser

28.04. D-Hamburg, Bambi Galore

29.04. D-Oberhausen, Kulttempel

30.04. NL-Breda, Sound Dog

01.05. F-Paris, Le Klub

02.05. B-Bree, Ragnarok Live Club

03.05. B-Eernegem, B52

04.05. F-Pagney-Derriere Barine, Chez Paulette

08.06. ESP-Alameda (Malaga), Camorock


27.04. BE-Paal, t.b.a.

28.04. NL-Rotterdam, t.b.a.


22.03. D-Neukirchen (Knüll), Sägewerk (35th Squealer band anniversary show)

30.03. D-Waldbronn (near Karlsruhe), Soundcheck One


01.06. SE-Grytholmen, Music Festival



27.04. D-Markt Wald, Roc N Loc Festival



22.03.19 BUL-Sofia, Mixtape 5

28.06.19 NL-Dokkem Open Air Festival


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This month with news from: Wake The Nations, Trishula & Peter H. Nilsson


:::WAKE THE NATIONS chart with "Heartrock" in Finland's physical sales chart on #6 in the first week!:::


"Heartrock" is the Finnish band's second album which was recorded and written in cooperation with some of the best melodic hard rock professionals in Scandinavia during the years 2016-2018 including gurus such as Sören Kronqvist (Joe-Lynn Turner/One Desire) and Thomas Wikström (Therion), mixing and mastering was conducted by the almighty Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse/W.E.T.), producers include Ilkka Wirtanen (Reckless Love/The Nights). The end result being a solid yet diverse melodic AOR album with stadium rock sounds, a hint of the 80’s, and interesting stories of life and love.

Krister Stenbom - vocals

Risto Tuominen – guitar, keys & backing vocals

Janne “Gekko” Granfors – bass

Jori “Jorge” Tojander - keys

Tuomas Pelli – drums

Video clip for “Tattooed Girl”:

The album is available on CD & digital in all fine Rock stores now!


::: UK guitarist Neil Fraser returns with his new band TRISHULA on March 29! :::

British band ‘Trishula’ is the brain child of UK Guitarist Neil Fraser and was born out of Neil’s work on his first solo project which started in 2015. In the mid eighties Neil played in a number of local rock bands from the Staffordshire area of England, and achievements during this time included gaining airplay on Radio Luxembourg with a track called ‘Poltergeist’, along with securing support slots with bands such as eighties glam rock band ‘Wrathchild’ who were gaining lots of attention at the time. Since the late nineties Neil has played, toured and/or recorded with bands and artists such as TEN, Rage of Angels, Tony Mills (TNT, SHY). During his time with the band Rage of Angels, Neil had worked alongside Welsh vocalist Jason Morgan and Portuguese drummer Joao Colaco, so when forming ‘Trishula’, Jason and Joao were Neil’s first choice to complete the lineup for recording the album.


The bands debut album ‘Scared To Breathe’ was initially recorded in Neil’s home studio (Farmyard Studios), demo vocals were recorded in various locations in Wales, with final vocal recordings being captured at M2 Madhat Studios (Magnum) under the watchful eye of Sheena Sear, additional keyboards were also added at M2 Studios by Magnum Keyboard player Rick Benton, drums were recorded in Black Sheep Studios in Portugal, with final mixing and mastering was also being undertaken by Sheena Sear and Mark Stuart at M2 Studios.

Check out the video "Scared To Breathe" in advance:

Tracklist: 1. I can see it in your eyes, 2. Scared to breathe, 3. A thousand pieces, 4. Secrets & lies, 5. I never cried, 6. Homeland, 7. Don’t let go, 8. A love so cruel, 9. Magnetic memories, 10. Jealousy, 11. For a friend (Instrumental)

Soundfiles in advance:

TRISHULA - I Can See It In Your Eyes (Edit)

TRISHULA - I Never Cried (Edit)

TRISHULA - Scared To Breathe (Edit)



::: Swedish guitarist Peter H. Nilsson debuts with his “Little American Dream” on AOR Heaven on March 29!”

Swedish guitar player Peter H Nilsson has been in the musical business for many years in different bands in and extensive touring in his home country. In 2016 Nilsson started to work in his studio tracking new ideas for an album and in June 2017 all songs were done.


Nilsson was at the same time looking for a singer and found what he was looking for via the world’s leading music production marketplace Soundbetter: Chris Biano from Nashville, Tennessee and started to discuss
the possibility to work together and finally, in July 2017 the first song was tracked.

At the end of 2017 the majority of all songs were ready but the guitar player felt that the tracks needed something extra. He then started to look for a drummer on Soundbetter and soon found session drummer Jason Meekins from Austin, Texas who was recruited for the album in January 2018. long-time friend and bass player Patrik Adiels from Gothenburg joined for the album in early 2018.

Thomas “Plec” Johansson started to mix the record, which is called “Little American Dream”, in September 2018 at his Panic Room Studios in Skövde, Sweden where the record also was mastered.

All songs written by: Peter H Nilsson and Chris Biano

Line up:
Peter H Nilsson:  Guitars, Keyboards
Chris Biano: Vocals
Jason Meekins:  Drums
Patrik Adiels:  Bass

Tracklist: 1. You Better Run, 2. Me And You 3. Am I Dreaming 4. Timeless 5:20 5. Little American Dream
6. Haunted  7. Love Is Worth Fighting For  8. Rumours 9. Magic

Soundfiles in advance:

PETER H. NILSSON - Little American Dream (Edit)

PETER H. NILSSON - Me And You (Edit)

PETER H. NILSSON - You Better Run (Edit)


Today is release day for the first DeVicious single ‘Long Way Home’ taken from their forthcoming album ‘Reflections’. The album will be released worldwide March 1st  on Metalapolis Records. ‘Long Way Home’ perfectly shows that ‘Reflections’ is not just a copy of their debut album “Never Say Never”. The new album contains more riffing, more rhythm and more punch without losing focus on the melodies and the DeVicious trademarks. Check out the video at this link:

And don’t miss them live on stage with Ammunition:

01.03.2019 – Karlsruhe (GER) – Unverschämt

02.03.2019 – Mörlenbach (GER) – Live Music Hall

03.03.2019 – Ludwigsburg (GER) – Rockfabrik

04.03.2019 – München (GER) – Feierwerk-Orangehouse

07.03.2019 – Duisburg (GER) – Steinbruch

08.03.2019 – Dessau (GER) – Grüner Baum

09.03.2019 – Flensburg (GER) – Roxy

22.03.2019 - Oslo (NOR) - Vulkan Arena


DeVicious festival appearances:

27.04.2019 – Marktwald (GER) – Rock & Loc Festival

13.09.2019 – Hamburg (GER) – Indoor Summer Festival

30.11./01.12.2019 – Ludwigsburg (GER) – H.E.A.T. Festival


Connect with DeVicious here:





The Swedish melodic progressive metal band DARKWATER just released a music video for "Alive (Pt. II)", the first single from their new album "Human".

Link to the music video:

Darkwater comments:

"We are thrilled to present the first single and music video from our new album "Human"! Our hope is that "Alive" will be a reminder for everyone that we can always break the silence, no matter what we're told. Life is worth fighting for."


"Human" will be released on March 1st via Ulterium Records. The album will be available on CD, 2LP and digital.

"Human" won't leave fans of melodic metal or progressive metal disappointed. The songs are heavier, more melodic and atmospheric than before and the band worked really hard on tweaking the ten songs and over 76 minutes of playing time into perfection. Jacob Hansen (Evergrey, Volbeat, Amaranthe) was chosen to mix and master the album and he did a fantastic job which resulted in the best sounding Darkwater album to date.

The lyrics of the album welcomes you into a world of you and me, how we affect the world around us and the struggles we deal with as humans.

Don't miss out on "Human", a perfect album for fans of melodic progressive metal and bands like Circus Maximus, Seventh Wonder and Evergrey!

"Human" track listing

  1. A New Beginning
  2. In Front Of You
  3. Alive (Part I)
  4. Alive (Part II)
  5. Reflection Of A Mind
  6. Insomnia
  7. The Journey
  8. Burdens
  9. Turning Pages
  10. Light Of Dawn

"Human" artwork:

Darkwater band photo:

Darkwater online


Ulterium Records online