Pleased to announce today's chart entry at the Official German MRC Club Chart for our NDH/Metal/Gothic Rock management band LICHTGESTALT with their self-titled debut EP!
A big thanks goes to Thomas @ Die4Ma for doing a great job!


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beim französischen Label BAD REPUTATION erscheint am 25.10.2014 das erste Studioalbum der Band DEADLINE. Es trägt den Namen „Fire Inside“. Weitere Informationen findet Ihr im Infotext weiter unten.

Wir bemustern ab Mitte/Ende dieser Woche alle PR-Bereiche aus Deutschland und Österreich in sehr begrenzter Stückzahl mit Promo-Cardsleeve-CDs. Der Erfahrung nach reichen diese CDs nicht für alle Anfragen aus. Bitte bei Interesse an diesem Promo extrem zeitnah anfragen!

Produkt: Deadline – Fire Inside

VÖ: 25.10.2014

Label: Bad Reputation

Vertrieb: Cargo

Deadline hit the scene in 2009, after two years of seeking out a steady line-up, ready and hard willing to knock down the listener with their blend of modern and classic hard rock anthems. Their sound was shaped by the influences of each band member - guitarist and founder Joris Beraud, guitarist Gabriel Lect, lead vocalist Arnaud Restoueix, bass player Sebastien Debbane and drummer Nicolas Ballu - ranging from the 70’s to current decade’s rock ‘n’ roll. The guitar work was inspired by the likes of Slash, Doug Aldrich and Steve Vai while the vocals have been mainly influenced by bluesy hard rock singers such as Robert Plant and David Coverdale, as well as heavier rock singers like Ronnie James Dio. In late 2010, US multi-platinum producer Beau Hill got in touch with Deadline through their MySpace page and the band jumped the chance to collaborate with the legendary producer who has worked with world-famous bands such as Ratt, Winger, Alice Cooper, Warrant, and Europe. After releasing their first hit single «Dance With Style», followed by a second single «Heading West» (both engineered by Beau Hill), the band took over like a storm on several FM and internet radio shows in both Europe and the USA.

Their first EP, engineered by Beau Hill, was released in February 2012 on Sliptrick Records who had signed the band. In a few months time, the EP hit almost 15 000 plays on streaming websites.

In the summer of 2012, Fabrice Trovato (ex-Trente, Still Square, Eric McFadden…) became DEADLINE’s new drummer following the exit of Nicolas who departed to focus on his family.

By the end of 2013, the DEADLINER’s decided to record their first full-length album with sound engineer Thierry Velly (Totem Studio), ready and willing to turn the hard rock world upside down with their powerful and sexy vibes!

Packed with hard rock anthems, « FIRE INSIDE » is ready to be unveiled…

Band Website:


Next up for release on YESTERROCK: IDLE TEARS - s/t. This is a re-release of the AOR Classic from 1986.


Originally located in Chicago, USA Idle Tears relocated to Los Angeles when they signed a record deal with MCA Records in 1986. Centered around guitarist Dan Pritzker and female vocalist Liz Constantine, the band played typical mid 80’s AOR. They released their self-titled album in the same year which through the years became a sought after, rare classic of the genre. ‘Idle Tears’ unfortunately remained to be the only released by this band before their musicians moved on. Their members later could be found on recordings of bands such as Signal, Sonia Dada and Ministry.
In cooperation with Eric Scott, Munich bases label Yesterrock now is releasing this gem in re-mastered format.


This release available in PR through us world-wide and music is available for PR digitally via Haulix from now! Please, contact Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! for more information!

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die DVD/Blu-ray/CD/LP von THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW „Eclipsed By The Moon“ (Black Hill Pictures/ Edel) konnte Anfang dieser Woche sensationell folgende Charts-Einstiege verbuchen:

Media Control Top 20 Musik-DVD Charts: #2

Austrian DVD Charts: #5

Media Control Top 100 Album-Charts: #47

Wir freuen uns gemeinsam mit Label und Vertrieb über dieses Resultat bedanken uns bei allen Medienpartnern für die grandiose Unterstützung bei diesem Produkt!

Weitere Anfragen für alle vier Formate nehmen wir immer noch gerne entgegen!



Am 12. + 13. April 2013 wurde die sensationelle Live-Show “THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD – Eclipsed by the Moon” teilweise in der Trier Arena aufgenommen – vor ausverkauftem Publikum. Die Band, die sich 1988 in Adelaide, Süd-Australien gründete, entwickelte sich in den letzten Jahren zu DER Pink Floyd-Coverband schlechthin. Die Formation, die durch einen Aushang von Lee Smith ihren Anfang nahm, setzte es sich zum Ziel die geliebten Songtexte von PINK FLOYD so originalgetreu wie möglich nachzuspielen. Der weltweite Durchbruch gelang ihnen 1993 bei einer Pink-Floyd-Fan-Convention in Wembley. Auch wenn die Australier mit häufigem Mitgliederwechsel zu kämpfen hatten, feierten sie im Jahr 2008 ihr 20. Jubiläum. Die Show ging weiter, und die Gruppe tut das, was sie liebt. Es geht ihnen immer noch um die Musik – Pink Floyd - und darum, die absolut beste Performance, immer, in jeder Nacht, zu liefern. Bislang über 3 Millionen verkaufte Tickets für Konzerte in 35 Ländern sprechen für sich. THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW ist eine der meistgefragtesten Bands, was eine Tournee angeht.

Rediscovered after 41 years – The forgotten 1st Pavlov's Dog album from 1973



On Novemer 28th the believed lost „Pekin Tapes“ by Pavlov's Dog will be released by Rockville Music. The „Pekin Tapes“ were recorded in October 1973, nearly two years before „Pampered Menial“, and were originally intended to become the band's debut album. They fascinatingly demonstrate the variety and wide-ranging musical scope of the early Pavlov's Dog, as the band itself handled the production, with no outside producer to answer to. When ABC Records listened to the „Pekin Tapes“, they signed the band and decided to send them back to studio to produce a completely new album: “Pampered Menial“ was released in 1975 and became a milestone in Progressive Rock history. The „Pekin Tapes“ though were never used and finally forgotten. Golden Voice Studio in Pekin/IL burned down in 1977, taking with it the masters of the “Pekin Tapes“. They were believed lost since then. Unexpectedly, in 2014 a copy of the “Pekin Tapes“ was discovered. After going to extensive lengths to restore the tape, the “Pekin Tapes“ will be released with a delay of some 41 years. Additionally, the release includes four bonus tracks of early demo recordings from March 1973. These are the earliest Pavlov's Dog signs of life ever discovered.


David Surkamp – Musique Nude Acoustic Tour 2014

28.09.2014: London (UK), St. Pacras Church

30.09.2014: Gent (B), Minard Schouwburg

02.10.2014: Verviers (B), Spirit of 66

04.10.2014: Dortmund (D), Blue Notez

05.10.2014: Rastatt (D), Reithalle