product: Electric Mind Machine - s/t

out: 10.05.2015

label: Bad Reputation

format: CD

PR territory: Germany & Austria

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Electric Mind Machine is one of the most exciting things to come out of the L.A. garage rock scene in a long time. The collaboration between founding members Kenneth Wessel and Sara Loera has resulted in pure sonic alchemy that is sure to induce a state of rock n’ roll euphoria in all who listen. Sharing an appreciation of the music from the 60s garage, psychedelic, mod and freak beat scenes, they developed their sound; keeping a vintage feel but infusing the energy and excitement of the local Southern California club scene. Vocalist Sara Loera conjures the sultry charisma and power of a modern day Mariska Veres of

the legendary Dutch band the Shocking Blue. Supported by the raw, fuzzed out guitars of Kenneth Wessel they create a unique sound that captures the warm feelings of the past, but still has bite.

Electric Mind Machine has recently hit the studio to complete a 10 song full-length album. The first song released, “Electric Mind Machine,” was featured on the Garage Punk Hideout’s compilation “Countdown to a Breakdown.” This song was first played on the Infamous Frankystein Deejay Show on Radiolux in Spain and the UK. A local L.A. radio station KXLU 88.9 fm was the first to preview the upcoming single “Pretty Face.”

The full-length LP will also feature a unique version of Status Quo’s hit “Pictures of Matchstick Men”

Past projects include the Beat Killers, The Odd Squad, The Sweet Nothings, Crank Williams and 2012 Coachella Festival performers Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

product: King Of The North - Sound Of The Underground

label: Bad Reputation

release date: 10.04.2015

PR territory: Germany & Austria

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Noted as one of Australia’s most exciting up and comers, Melbourne based King Of The North are a two-piece rock powerhouse like no other. The duo delivers a jaw-dropping live show with a sound many regard as a new frontier for the guitar/ drums rock format.

What creates the massive sound KOTN are known for? The “3 from 1 guitar technique” is the cause of this Wall Of Riff! The idea was pioneered by KOTN singer/guitarist Andrew Higgs, (it makes one guitar sound like 2 guitars and a bass) it sets KOTN’s sound apart from any other two-piece and has since earned Higgsy a listing in the 100th issue of Australian Guitar magazine’s “25 future legends of the guitar”. The hard-hitting Danny Leo, regarded by many as one of the top rock drummers in Oz was a Paiste feature artist at 2013’s Ultimate Drummers Weekend.

The single ‘Wanted’ was the feature soundtrack for the BMW 2 series ad aired on TV, Cinema . The ad has since been Banned by the A.A.S.B (Australian Advertising Standrads Board) for potenially inciting unsafe/ hoon driving.

Getting to their audience is what KOTN do, they set out on a mammoth 31 date headline tour from March – June in 2014. “The Sound The Underground Australian Tour” was a great success with sold out shows and rave reviews. Four support shows for USA’s Monster Magnet were added in April, taking the run to 35 dates. Monster Magnet’s front man Dave Wyndorf said about KOTN “You guys fucking ROCK!”

KOTN have played on numerous festivals and bills in Australia with an eclectic range of genres. Their hard-hitting, in your face performance and catchy, melodic songs seem to win over fans from across the board and ages. Alternative, Mainstream, Metal, Rock, Blues, Stoner Rock and even Folk Festivals have hosted King Of The North.

This hard working duo have won the hearts and minds of many and in the process got to play with some of their hero’s.


“An incredibly hard act to follow” – John Garcia (Kyuss, Unida)

“Fuckin’ Great! Massive sound!” – Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel)

“They are seriously good!” – Bob Spencer (Skyhooks / The Angels)


The second single and film clip for 'It's Been Too Long' from Sound The Underground was exclusively premiered at a shows on a 12 date national tour in Sept 2014. The Official It's Been Too Long video filmed live at The Espy (Melbourne, Australia) has now been released. KOTN were touring Australia Oct- Dec 2014 featuring 6 shows supporting Aussie legends The Mark Of Cain and will tour Europe in the Fall 2015

product: Miss Behaviour - Last Woman Standing

release date: 24.04.2015

label: AOR Heaven

format: CD (re-release)

PR territory: Europe

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Miss Behaviour - The Biography

The story of Miss Behaviour goes back to 2004. Keyboard player Henrik Sproge and guitarist Erik Heikne were both studying Music Management at the Baltic Business School in Kalmar, Sweden, when the idea of Miss Behaviour first came up. With a great passion for 80's melodic hard rock and AOR, they decided to start the band to express their vision of how a modern rock band, inspired by the great bands of the eighties should sound.

The first Miss Behaviour songs where written in a student apartment in Kalmar in late 2004 and ended up at the 3-song EP Give us the world. Miss Behavior worked –and still do with producer/technician Daniel Gese who had a career as drummer/producer with his 80’s metal/sleaze band Pole Position in the late 80s/early 90s.

After the debut album Heart of Midwinter was released in 2006, Henrik and Erik decided to recruit the new lead singer Sebastian Roos, a quite well known singer in Sweden, with a lot of touring, TV and radio performances and Eurovision song contest on his CV. The breakthrough came with the Album Last Woman Standing, released in 2011.

In spring 2011 Miss Behaviour competed in Swedish national radio with the song Till we meet again, making the première live performance with the current lineup in front of 400000 radio listeners. Joining forces with former Backyard Babies manager Michael Sundén in 2011 the band hit the roads in the UK.

Late 2011, after touring the UK with CrashDiet, the album Last Woman Standing won the ”Best AoR album of 2011” readers poll with 23% of the votes, leaving bands like Journey, Robin Beck, Work of Art and more behind. The reviews were fantastic and the album got top scores in important magazines, such as Classic Rock (UK), Sweden Rock Magazine (Sweden) and more.

UK Magazine Classic Rock picked Cynthia as one of the best tracks in 2011, and featured the song on the compilation Classic Rock Buzz. Miss Behaviour returned to the UK on the Smokehead Rocks Tour, playing another 10 dates and finished the tour with a sold out show at O2 Islington Academy in London, Oktober 12th, 2011. In the middle of the song writing and recordings of the new album Michael Sundén tragically passed, in a horrible accident at venue Rock City, Nottingham. This loss took a while to recover from but finally the brand new album Double Agent was finished and received great feedback in the press last year.

Last Woman Standing – Re-Issue

Last Woman Standing (2011) was the band’s breakthrough album. "Cynthia" was selected one of the best songs of 2011 by Classic Rock (Melodic BUZZ CD). The single "Till we meet again" premiered live in Swedish national radio with 200k+ listeners. The video had over 60000 views.

The Bonus material (* tracks 12 & 13): These songs were written in 2011 and recorded in a new session whit the new members Niclas Lindblom (Bass) and Magnus Jacobson (drums). The same line-up that consists today and played two UK-tours back in 2011 and 2012. 

product: Serpentine - Circle Of Knives

label: AOR Heaven

release date: 24.04.2015

format: CD

PR territory: Europe (without UK)

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The bands origins can be traced to Cardiff, Wales, where in 2007 keyboard player Gareth David Noon, original bassist Gareth Vanstone and guitarist Chris Gould were put into contact with Birmingham based singer Tony Mills, whose reputation with other melodic rock acts such as Shy and TNT made him an obvious choice for the band.

With a vast catalogue of demos, the four set about creating a collection of songs for what would become their 2010 debut album "A Touch Of Heaven". The album was produced by Sheena Sear and Mark Stuart, British Producers whose work with Magnum as well as rock icons such as Robert Plant and Phil Lynott is well known. Serpentine subsequently inked deals with German based label AOR Heaven and the Japanese label Marquee/Avalon and the album was released in March of 2010 to much critical acclaim, especially in Japan where the band hit the TOP 30 on the National ROCK chart as well as scoring a 92% review in the rock magazine Burrn!.

In the summer of 2010 work began on the follow-up album, unfortunately in the December of that year, with the band geared up to return to the studio, Mills announced his departure following a heart-attack at a Norway airport but committed to finish the ‘Living & Dying in High Definition’ album with the band. Not resting upon their laurels and with live work in the offing Serpentine quickly moved to recruit Matt Black, a singer working in the rock covers band ‘Six Of The Best’ and who they felt had the stage presence and vocal range to pull off the Mills material live.

Serpentine hit the road with Black in March 2011 first appearing at a showcase in London with Houston, and later as part of a tour with Crashdiet. ‘Living & Dying in High Definition’ was released in September 2011 with sections of the press gushing that the band could well have “delivered the album of their lives”. Festivals dates at Firefest, Hard Rock Hell, Rockfest Madrid, HRH AOR and HEAT Festival in Germany followed as well as tours with Ten, Romeo’s Daughter and FM while Noon and Gould worked up musical ideas for their third album.

After having toured with Gary Hughes of Ten during the summer of 2012, the band met with him several months later in the north-west of England with their management to assess the demos they had amassed over the previous year and to iron out details of a collaboration/producer role for their next record. A year later, and with the material all but finalized, Matt Black left the band citing his will to move in a different direction musically. A few weeks later and after a period of ill health, Gareth Vanstone also bowed out. SERPENTINE quickly moved to recruit Adam Payne - a singer whose talent had come to their attention after hearing his voice on a track with his former band ‘Tidal’ - and prodigiously talented bassist Owen Crawford from ‘Triaxis’. The new look Serpentine entered Gary Hughes’ Doghouse Studio in Blackpool to record their new opus - ‘Circle of Knives’. The band had also lined up Neil Kernon to mix the record, but after a short time working together the sound emerging from the mixes were not what the band had envisaged, and so Sheena Sear who had produced and mixed the bands previous two records stepped in to finalise the mix.

Payne and Crawford made their live debuts with SERPENTINE at Planet Rockstock and a warm up date at EVI in Ebbw Vale in late 2014 and the band are now approaching a release date for their new album ‘Circle of Knives’ on AOR Heaven with live dates in 2015 kicking off with an appearance at this year’s HardRockHell AOR3 Festival in March.

product: PHALLAX - Relics Of Harmony

label: Metalapolis

release date: 17.04.2015

format: CD

PR territory: Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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PhallaX ist kein Paketzustelldienst, keine Kriegsformation und schon gar keine Abwandlung des männlichen Geschlechtsteils. Es ein komplett neues Wort, welches für melodischen Powermetal, Freude an der Musik und Power auf der Bühne steht.

Gegründet 2004 in Schwäbisch Gmünd (bei Stuttgart), erspielte man sich erste Lorbeeren als Coverband um dann aber schnell zu merken, dass man lieber eigene Stücke schreiben und spielen will. Im Januar 2008 startete das lang ersehnte Unternehmen Debütalbum. In den Darkside-Studios in Heidenheim wurde mit Produzent Ingo Kolb das Album „The Chandlers Passion“ eingespielt, welches in Eigenregie veröffentlicht und vertrieben wurde.

Im Jahre 2010 startete die Band mit der EP „Lower The Flags“. Bei dieser engagierte man ex-STORMWITCH Gitarrist Martin Winkler als Produzent, der das Ganze auf ein weitaus professionelleres Level gebracht hat. Das neue Werk heimste in der Fachpreise fast überall Bestnoten ein und wurde im Dezember 2011 den Fans vorgestellt.

Nach einigen Gigs mit Bands wie z.B. MOB RULES, TANKARD und GUN BARRELL konnte man 2013 endlich die erste Tour in Angriff nehmen. Mit der US Metal Legende VICIOUS RUMORS reiste man quer durch Europa und erspielte sich so viele neue Fans und vergrößerte massiv seine treue Fangemeinde. 2014 wurden, ebenfalls wieder unter den Augen und Ohren von Produzent Martin Winkler, die Aufnahmen zum neuen Album “Relics Of Harmony” in Angriff genommen. Mit “Fading In Darkness” hat sogar eine Komposition ihres Produzenten den Weg auf das Album gefunden.

Um in Sachen Vertrieb, Marketing und Promotion entlastet zu werden, unterschrieb man bei METALAPOLIS RECORDS. Somit kann sich die Band jetzt ganz auf die Musik konzentrieren. Im Februar folgt die Release-Tour mit den Norwegern von CHROME DIVISION. Außerdem ist man bereits für das Out & Loud Festival 2015 in Geiselwind bestätigt.

Schon zu Jahresbeginn ist eins klar – 2015 wird ein PhallaX Jahr!

product: Brothers Of The Head - Light The Night, Feed The Flame

label: Metalapolis

release date: 17.04.2015

format: CD

PR territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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Eine raue Welt schafft neue Kreaturen! Dieses Biest wurde geboren um die Türen einzutreten, die den Neubeginn der guten alten Zeit blockieren. Das Stuttgarter Quartett hat sich auf die Fahne geschrieben dies mit Musik für Kopf und Hüfte zu machen. Intelligente Musik, die auch zum Tanzen animiert!

Das Debütalbum „Light The Night, Feed The Flame“ von BROTHERS OF THE HEAD wurde in Eigen-regie produziert und von niemand geringerem als Hans Olsson (u.a. GRAVEYARD) gemischt und gemastert. Es demonstriert vom ersten Ton an, dass die Jungs nicht bereit sind Gefangene zu machen. Stoner Rock alleine ist der Band nicht genug, denn verblassende Farben sind einfach langweilig. Angereichert mit Rock’n Roll ergibt sich aber eine ganze eigene Klangfärbung. Es ist ein Bastard aus Rock’n Roll mit dem trockenen Charme und der beängstigenden Kraft des Stoner Rocks gepaart mit Doom Rock und Distortion Blues. Es ist Musik die einem das Gefühl vermittelt, dass man gut gelaunt mit einem Haufen leerer Bierdosen auf dem Beifahrersitz die langen Highways durch die Wüsten der USA dem Weltuntergang entgegenfährt.

„Light The Night, Feed The Flame“ ist Rock’n Roll in all seinen dunklen Erscheinungen – des Teufels Samen gewürzt mit maximaler Lautstärke und Groove – der nicht nur den Arsch zum Wackeln bringt!

Als Anheizer für Bands wie Red Fang, Black Tusk, Kadavar, ASG, New Model Army, Marky Ramone, The Accüsed, Holy Mountain, Guitar Wolf oder auch bei ihrer einwöchigen UK Tour im Dezember 2014 konnten die Jungs klarstellen, dass sie auf der Bühne zuhause sind. Egal ob in größeren Hallen oder in der Kneipe um die Ecke, da wo BROTHERS OF THE HEAD auf der Bühne stehen, bleibt kein Stein auf dem anderen.

Bestehend aus dem ex - BOMB DISNEYLAND Gitarristen Karl Francis, Sänger und Bassist Cody Barcelona, Gitarrist Pappy Van Linkle und Drummer Amin Axestoneville ist die Truppe bereit immer und überall zu spielen. Nur laut, staubig und mit viel Bier muss es sein!

product: Hall & Oates - Live In Dublin

label: Eagle Vision

release date: 27.03.2015

formats: DVD, Blu-ray & DVD+2-CD

PR territory: Germany & Austria (print & online)

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Daryl Hall und John Oates sind eines der erfolgreichsten Pop-Duos aller Zeiten und blicken stolz auf eine Vielzahl an Hitsingles sowie Gold- und Platin-Alben zurück, darunter allein sechs Nr.1-Hits in den amerikanischen Billboard Hot 100 Charts, allesamt zu hören in dieser großartigen Live-Show. Gefilmt am 15. Juli 2014 im Olympia Theatre von Dublin war dies die allererste Live-Show von Hall und Oates in der irischen Metropole. Die beiden lieferten eine fantastische Performance ab, randvoll mit Hits wie „Maneater”, „Out Of Touch”, „I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”, „Say It Isn’t So”, „Kiss On My List”, „Family Man”, „Private Eyes”, „She’s Gone”, „Rich Girl” oder „You Make My Dreams”, vor einem Publikum, das eine Party entfachte, wie man sie wohl nur in Dublin erleben kann. Das Bonusmaterial umfasst Interviews mit Daryl Hall und John Oates. „Live In Dublin“ erscheint parallel auch auf DVD (EREDV1118) und als DVD+CD-Set (EAGDV041)