product: Royal Quest - The Tale Of Man

release date: May 22nd, 2015

label: self-released

format: digi-pack CD

PR territory: Europe without UK

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Royal Quest was formed in 1998 in Athens when Yannis Androulakakis (guitars/ vocals) and Dennis Bekatoros (bass) started putting their musical and lyrical ideas together. After releasing their first demo in 1999 they decided to work on a concept album with an original story inspired by the “Eternal Champion”. In the meantime the line-up of the band was shaped up to participate in several underground festivals in Athens.

Throughout the years, Dennis and Yannis focused on completing the album with the addition of a new member, Odysseas (drums). Compositions, story editing, recording attempts and sound experimentations, but also disappointments and long breakups resulted in the end of the co-operation of the two founders.  

In January 2010 Yannis decided to produce the album on his own. The recording and engineering plans started from scratch and in 2014 the album was mixed by him and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios.

About the concept:

“The Tale of Man” is typically a “metal opera”, a term that tends to be established in a similar way that the term “rock opera” did in the past. There are four characters in the play: Man, Cassandra, Lord of Law and Lord of Chaos. However, the dramatical structure is different (the play is smaller as well) than the libretto of a major musical or rock opera. That purposely leaves room for the RPG-campaign oriented storyline that focuses on the main character (Man) and the storyteller (Cassandra). It also leaves room for the music, because the point was to create a metal album that can also be auditioned independently. “The Tale of Man” consists of eleven parts, some of them divided into sub-parts, intros and main parts.

Yannis Androulakakis is a guitarist and composer from Greece. His work includes metal, music for theater, musicals, film soundtrack, jazz, a fuge and a string quartet. In February 2015 he was selected as one of the arrangers of the Vivaldimetalproject.

product: Master Massive - The Pendulum

release date: 29.05.2015

label: ViciSolum

format: CD

PR territory: Europe

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The MASTER MASSIVE biography goes as far back as 1993, when guitar player Jan Strandh released a 6 song cassette with singer Erik Forsberg, bassist Johan Wijkmark and drummer Petter Karlsson. Later that year, bass player Karl Nyhlin was recruited. The spot for a second guitar player was altered between Anders Ericson (BEYOND TWILIGHT and SECTU) and Yngve Frank (ZANITY and MEAN STREAK).

With the urge of doing something different, Jan initiated the idea of making a heavy metal opera. Together with Ninitha Maivorsdotter the libretto of “THE PENDULUM" was created.

With line-up Jan, Yngve, Petter and Karl and hosted by a long list of singers from the hometown of Skövde, the opera was recorded.

Different constellations of the band have come and gone. Despite the bands medial obscurity and absence from the recording industry, MASTER MASSIVE is well connected in the Heavy Metal community. Jan has been a member of both TWILIGHT and NOTRE DAME and Anders has two other obligations in BEYOND TWILIGHT and SECTU. Petter went on to THERION. Karl changed his musical direction and is now a professional lutenist.


Jan Strandh about “The Pendulum”:

While working with The Pendulum we wanted to experience the anxiety that comes with the knowledge of the negative changes taking place in the world. Fear felt by common people far from the centre of power and therefore in no position to make major decisions and changes. This feeds the feeling of hopelessness of living in a non-working civilization where necessary political decisions are not possible to make. To seize power over our own fear and to get out of this relentless emotion we decided to create a personal legend in the form of an opera. In this opera – The Pendulum, one single individual is given the power to change the fate of the Earth. Impossible in real life, but totally viable within the aesthetic framework of opera as an art form. In our opera the human being chosen for the assignment is a normal person, not a hero character. His only weapon in the fight for the Earth’s survival is his ability to refrain from the thoughts, feelings and habits hitherto a natural part of him.

product: Dennis Churchill Dries - I

release date: 29.05.2015

label: AOR Heaven

format: CD & download

PR territory: Europe (without UK)

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During the 1980s and ’90s, in those halcyon pre-Autotune days when the song was king and talent mattered, Dennis Churchill Dries was the singer and bass player of the bands White Sister and Tattoo Rodeo. Both of these groups earned prestigious major label record deals, but in the long run would learn how tough the music business can be.

Issued to rave reviews in 1984, White Sister’s self-titled debut was produced by Gregg Giuffria of Angel fame. While having tasted life on an independent label with its follow-up ‘Fashion By Passion’, Churchill Dries was also a part of the outfit Tattoo Rodeo. Picked up by Atlantic for ‘Rode Hard, Put Away Wet’ in ’91, they hit the road and opened for Bad Company and Damn Yankees. The band followed up with ‘Skin’ some four years later, and called it quits in 1998. There was a reunion show in 2006, and talks of new material, but all was scrapped after the death of drummer Rich Wright.

In October 2008, to the astonishment of just about everybody, original White Sister mebmers DCD, Rick Chadock, and Garri Brandon reunited to appear at the legendary indoor rock festival the Firefest. To say that they blew the doors off would be an understatement. They went over so well that the Firefest team invited the boys back again the following year, and they did not dissapoint! There was hushed yet optimistic talk of new music.

And then in October 2012, the unthinkable happened. Chadock lost his battle with cancer…Dennis was crushed by the loss of his music partner and closest friend of 35 years. New music from White Sister was not to be, and DCD retreated into solitude.

Dennis began writing on his own as a form of therapy, and in 2014 was reunited with Paul Sabu, who produced, engineered, and mixed “I”, and supplied the guitar work. DCD drew priceless encouragement from the multi-talented Sabu, whose bands have included Only Child, Silent Rage and Sabu.

I believe that Paul came back into my life for a reason... and that Rick had something to do with it!” says DCD. “Can it really be a coincidence that another great rock guitarist/vocalist/engineer fell into my lap after working with Rick exclusively for 35 years? No...”


product: Michael Bormann - Closer

label (GAS): RMB/ Pride & Joy Music

label (rest of Europe): RMB

format: CD

release date: 22.05.2015

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On the 22nd of May 2015, after more than four years, the long awaited fifth solo album "Closer" by Michael Bormann will see the light of the world. 2014 has been an eventful and exciting year. With his impressive performance at one of today’s biggest TV-Shows “The Voice of Germany” Michael reached millions of people.

All songs were written, recorded and produced within a three-month studio session by the end of 2014.

Due to the huge demand of the Demi-Lovato song "Warrior", that got him into “The Voice” - show, Michael had no chance but taking it on the forthcoming CD. Downright refreshing, versatile and rocking Bormann presents "Closer". Ballads, mid-tempo songs and pure Rock´n´Roll: you got it all! Defining a favorite is pretty hard as every single song has its own magic.

"Because we are the world" goes straight to the heart. The children’s choir makes this tune very special. Not only radio stations will love this song.

It should be mentioned, that a valuable contribution to this album has been given by Eric Ragno and Bobby Stoecker. Knowing what and how he wants it, Bormann played most of the instruments by himself. It’s impressively showed on “Closer”.

His strong “Voice” - performances got Michael the long deserved attention.

Now it´s time for the next level. Closer will be drawing in the crowds under its magic spell.

product: Jessy Martens & Band - Touch My Blues Away

release date: 24.04.2015

label: Jayfish Records

format: CD

PR territory: Germany

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Sie explodiert auf der Bühne wie eine Naturgewalt und haucht schon im nächsten Moment eine ergreifende Ballade ins Mikrophon: Jessy Martens‘ unverwechselbare Stimme braucht Vergleiche mit Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin oder Tina Turner nicht zu scheuen, denn sie hat längst ihren eigenen Stil gefunden. Mit Preisen überhäuft und von der Presse gefeiert, stellt die Senkrechtstarterin innerhalb von vier Jahren bereits ihr viertes-Album vor!

Erst Ende 2010 formiert, haben sich Energiebündel Jessy Martens und ihre Band in kürzester Zeit an die Spitze der Rock- und Bluesszene gespielt! Der Gewinn des DEUTSCHEN ROCKPREISES 2012 als beste Rockband/beste Rocksängerin und der GERMAN BLUES AWARDS 2012/2014 als beste Bluesband/beste Bluessängerin sowie die Auszeichnung für ihre Songwriter-Premiere „Brand New Ride“ als bestes Bluesalbum des Jahres zeugen von der einstimmigen Begeisterung bei Publikum und Presse. Die Band hat es sogar bis ins Mainstream Radio geschafft: dort, wo sonst Bon Jovi, Herbert Grönemeyer oder Lionell Richie zu hören sind, waren auch Jessy Martens & Band: beim NDR 2 Radiokonzert zur besten Sendezeit (Februar 2015).

Kein Wunder! Die Möglichkeiten ihrer „Stimme zum Niederknien“ (rocktimes) scheinen unbegrenzt: Mal röhrt sie wie nach einer durchzechten Nacht, mal singt sie mit klarer Stimme einfach „geradeaus". Kurz darauf swingt sie sexy durch den Song, um dann mit emotionaler Hingabe mitten ins Herz zu treffen. 100 % authentisch und getragen von ihrer „herausragenden Band“ (Deutschlandfunk). Jessy Martens ist mit ihrer Band ein Erlebnis. Denn genau das: „live on stage“ ist ihr Ding! Wer einmal dabei war, weiß: Diese Lady haut einen um und rührt zu Tränen! Ein echtes Highlight made in Germany!

TOUCH MY BLUES AWAY heißt ihr neues Album: ein live Mitschnitt aus dem legendären Downtown Bluesclub in Hamburg. Die Aufnahme bildet mit einer geballten Ladung aus Blues, Rock und Soul das ab, was man ein „grandioses Konzert“ (Peter Urban, NDR) von internationalem Format nennt. Man bekommt einen appetitanregenden Vorgeschmack auf die energiegeladenen Live-Auftritte von Jessy Martens und ihrer durch weit über 300 Konzerte geschliffene Band! „Beeindruckend! Ein gewaltiges Bluesalbum!“ (bluesnews)


Neben Jessy Martens glänzet die Band mit ungeheurer Spielfreude, Virtuosität und Feeling und besticht durch musikalische Klasse: Keile (Gitarre), Dirk Czuya (Gitarre), Markus „Mosch“ Schröder (Keyboards), Christian Hon Adameit (Bass) und Christian Kolf (Schlagzeug).

product: KLOGR - Make Your Stand

release date: 13.05.2015

label: Zeta Factory

format: EP+DVD

PR territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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Klogr (ausgesprochen: Key-Log-Are) ist eine Alternative Metal-Band mit progressiven Einflüssen. Der Bandname ist ein Tribut an ein psychologisch-physikalisches Gesetz (S=KlogR), das im 19. Jahrhundert von dem deutschen, experimentellen Psychologen Ernst Heinrich Weber und dem Philosophen Gustav Fechner entwickelt wurde.



Gegründet 2011, erschien das erste Klogr-Album „Till You Decay“ noch im gleichen Jahr und mit folgendem Line-Up:Rusty (vocals), Todd Allen und Nicola Briganti. Zwei Videoclips, “Bleeding” and “Silk and Thorns ”, erschienen zeitnah. Im Jahr 2013 wechselte das Line-Up und alle drei Mitglieder der Alternative Rock-Band Timecut wurden integriert. Damals setzten sich Klogr aus Rusty, Joba, Giampi and Ste zusammen, die unter Mitwirkung von Maki (Lacuna Coil) und Produzent Logan Mader (Machine Head) sowie Sänger Alteria die EP „Till You Turn“ veröffentlichten. Für die Songs „King Of Unknown“ und „Guinea Pigs“, einem Charity-Clip für ‚Sea Shepherd‘, sind Videos entstanden. Die Band ging in den USA und Europa auf Tour und trat im Juni 2013 beim Sweden Rock Festival auf.

Über Zeta Factory/ The End Records erschien im Jahr 2014 der zweite Longplayer der Band, „Black Snow“, ein Konzeptalbum mit Texten zu ökologischen Themen. Destrage-Bassist Ralph Salati wirkte hier als Gast mit. Die US-amerikanische digitale Version enthielt die EP „Till You Turn“ und das Livealbum „Ground Zero 11-11-11“. Das Video zu “Draw Closer” erschien im Februar 2014, bevor Klogr von März bis April 2014 in Europa mit Prong auf Tour gingen. Im Mai 2014 nahm Klogrs Frontmann Rusty zusammen mit Prong-Schlagzeuger Art Cruz an Loudwires viraler Initiative zum Memorial an Slayer-Gitarrist Jeff Hanneman in Form einen kurzen Videos an der offiziellen #ScreamForJeff Präsentation teil. Mit „Zero Tolerance“ erschien eine weitere Single als Support für Sea Shepherd – zur Rettung der Delfine in Taiji. Alle Einnahmen aus dem digitalen Verkauf dieser Single wurden gespendet. In der Folgezeit entstand ein Lyric Video für den Song „Hell Of Income“. Während die Band an der nun erscheinenden DVD arbeitete, erschien im September 2014 ein Livevideo für „Failing Crowns“, welches einen Zusammenschnitt aus 23 Songs innerhalb von nur vier Minuten beinhaltet. Der 17. September 2014 markiert für Klogr einen wichtigen Wendepunkt in der Bandgeschichte: mit dem neuen Line-Up, nun bestehend aus Rusty (guitars/vocals), Pietro (guitars), Joba (bass) und Rob (Schlagzeug), wurde die Formation aus einem Projekt zu einer Band mit permanenter Besetzung.

Im Oktober 2014 gingen Klogr mit den Amerikanern Living Dead Lights in Russland auf Tour und spielten im November 2014 gemeinsam mit Guano Apes im Live Music Club in Trezzo sull’Adda, Italien. Sea Shepherd Italien veröffentlichte mit „Black Snow/Ambergris“ eine weitere Single. Jetzt melden sich Klogr am 13.05.2015 mit der neuen EP+DVD-Veröffentlichung „Make Your Stand“ zurück, die neben Studioaufnahmen auch Livematerial und Dokumentationen enthält.

product: Megadeth - Rust In Peace Live

label: Eagle Vision

release date: 17.04.2015

format: DVD

PR territory: Germany & Austria (print & online only)

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Synopsis: Megadeth are one of the “Big Four” of thrash metal and one of the most successful metal bands of all time with global sales in excess of 50 million albums. In March of 2010 the band took to the road to perform their classic album “Rust In Peace” live in its entirety in celebration of the 20th anniversary of its release. The line-up featured the return of bass player and founder member David Ellefson after a break of eight years. This show was filmed on the tour at the Hollywood Palladium on March 31st.

Bonus Features: Bonus performances of: 1) Skin O’ My Teeth 2) In My Darkest Hour 3) She-Wolf 4) Trust 5) Symphony Of Destruction 6) Peace Sells, Behind the scenes & rehearsal footage

Line-Up: Dave Mustaine (vocals, guitar); David Ellefson (bass); Chris Broderick (guitar); Shawn Drover (drums)

TRACKLISTING: 1) Holy Wars…The Punishment Due   2) Hangar 18   3) Take No Prisoners   4) Five Magics   5) Poison Was The Cure   6) Lucretia   7) Tornado Of Souls   8) Dawn Patrol   9) Rust In Peace…Polaris   10) Holy Wars – Reprise