Liebe Freunde der gepflegten Rockmusik,

die australischen Hardrocker BLACK LABEL melden sich mit ihrem vierten Studioalbum “Blood Money” zurück.

Wir bemustern hier alle PR-Bereiche in Deutschland & Österreich, haben aber leider nur eine limitierte Stückzahl von Promo-CDs zur Verfügung.  Bei Interesse bitte unbedingt anfragen!

Produkt: Black Label – Blood Money

VÖ: 07.03.2014

Label: Bad Reputation

Vertrieb: Cargo

Black Label are the best live band in Australia – fact. Over a ten year career- they have played hundreds of shows, including countless shows with both Rose Tattoo and The Angels – and if heavy, blues based rock in the tradition of those bands is your bag – then you will dig Black Label. Make no mistake though. This is not a band playing carbon copied Brewster Brother or Wells/Cocks riffs, and whilst they certainly tip their hats to those aforementioned bands, ‘Blood Money’ confirms in no uncertain terms that Black Label are at the height of their powers and playing truly amazing, original and memorable heavy rock of the first order, and with ‘Blood Money’, they have delivered a defiant collection of ballsy heavy rock anthems.

‘Blood Money’ is the fourth studio album from this Sydney based band, and it shows a significant maturity in both the song writing and musical stakes. That is not an implication that any of their previous efforts were underdone – far from it in fact. It’s just that the band’s sound has come a long way from the days when they were playing a twin guitar style of southern fried, hard rock boogie that channelled Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot. The différence is that the tunes on ‘Blood Money’ are world class. This is as good as ANY heavy rock album you’ll hear, and ranks as the bands heaviest album, with a sound that to me is aimed clearly, at the European heavy rock / metal market.

Whilst bands like Airborne have had some international success pillaging a dog eared, AC/DC style of rock, large scale success has eluded Black Label, who are far more authentic. Black Label have a pedigree that included former members of both Heaven and Boss in their ranks. They have been endorsed by Rose Tattoo’s Angry Anderson and the late Peter Wells, and after several years and hundreds of gigs, have more than paid their dues. Credentials aside though, ‘Blood Money’ affirms that they are the 100% bona fide article with this ten track album loaded with firebrand hard core riffs and a heavy duty groove. Recorded and produced by Greg Clarke, the guitars are underlined by thunderous rhythms – Australian rock at its best. Vocalist Steve Mulry has a strong, solid and powerful voice, and belts it out in no uncertain terms. From top to bottom, every song on this album is killer. This entire album smokes.

After several years, the lack of success must be a frustration, but Black Label decide to go still on. Now, this CD comes with Live in Berlin, a second CD smokin hot & live, before a new effort scheduled late 2014.  ‘Live In Berlin’ attests, they are on par with any of the planet’s best heavy rock bands, whoever you care to name. The guitars are up front, and it’s in your face. No overdubs here, this is no bullshit rock ‘n’ roll of the highest order.  There are 12 tunes on the disc. If you ain’t hip to Black Label – I strongly suggest you climb on board. You won’t be disappointed.

Liebe Metaller,

Eagle Vision/ Edel veröffentlichen am 21.02.2014 die neue DVD der taiwanesischen Metaller CHTHONIC: „Ián-Bú”. Wir bemustern ab sofort mit Finished Product und nehmen Anfragen seitens der Print-Presse aus Deutschland und Österreich gerne entgegen!

Bassist Doris Yeh steht zudem auch für E-Mail Interviews zur Verfügung!

Chthonic sind eine taiwanesische Metal-Band, die 1995 gegründet wurde und seit 2005 in der heutigen Besetzung besteht. Ihre Musik mischt Metal mit traditionellen chinesischen Instrumenten, textlich ist die Gruppe von der taiwanesischen Mythologie, dem Volksglauben des Daoismus und der Geschichte ihres Landes beeinflusst. Jede ihrer bisherigen Veröffentlichungen war ein durchgehendes Konzeptwerk. Bekannt sind die Musiker für ihre sehenswerten Kostüme, ihr Make-Up und die sensationellen Bühnenshows. Außerdem stehen die Bandmitglieder für offen geäußerte politische Gerechtigkeit hinsichtlich von Menschenrechten, der Unabhängigkeit Taiwans und der Gleichberechtigung der Frau.  „Ián-Bú”  wurde im Sommer 2013 bei einem Festival in Taiwan aufgezeichnet und präsentiert eine Reihe von Songs ihres aktuellen Albums „Bú-Tik”, das in Europa über Spinefarm in den Handel kam. Die DVD umfasst zudem die offiziellen Videoclips zu fünf Albumtracks plus weiteres Bonusmaterial.

TRACKS: 1) Intro: Arising Armament   2) Oceanquake   3) Supreme Pain For The Tyrant   4) Next Republic   5) Takao   6) Broken Jade   7) Southern Cross   8) Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire   9) Defenders Of Bú-Tik Palace   10) Outro: Undying Rearmament


Behind The Scenes (1) & (2) / Promo-Videos: 1) Supreme Pain For The Tyrant   2) Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire  3) Next Republic  4) Set Fire To The Island   5) Defenders Of Bú-Tik Palace / Behind The Scenes der Videos (1), (2) & (5) / Interview mit Bassist Doris Yeh und Regisseur Vince Chuang

VÖ: 21. Februar 2014

Künstler: Chthonic

Titel: Ián-Bú

Label/Vetrieb: Eagle Vision/Edel

Format: Musik DVD

DVD Format: NTSC Region 0

Katalognummer: EREDV1019

Bildformat: 16:9

Sound-Formate: Dolby Digital Stereo

Spielzeit: ca. 105 Minuten

Untertitel: keine

Liebe Rocker,

die australischen Hardrocker THE DEEP END kommen im März in Europa auf Tour, um ihr aktuelles Album „Cop This“ live zu promoten.

Wir bitten um Abdruck der untenstehenden deutschen Tourdates und nehmen Anfragen für Interviews und GL gerne entgegen!


15.03. D-Cologne, Sonic Ballroom

16.03. D-Münster, Gorilla Bar

18.03. D-Bremen, Meisenfrei

20.03. D-Hamburg, Club Am Donnerstag

21.03. D-Arnstadt, Rockkneipe Jungfer

22.03. D-Lauchhammer, Real Music Club

28.03. D-Mühlhausen, Kulturfabrik

29.03. D-Landshut, Wintergarten

Aktuelles Album: „Cop This“ (Bad Reputation/ Cargo; erschienen im Dezember 2013).


Italian Rock band PAVIC are supporting their new album “Is War The Answer!?” (Out: January 24th, 2014 on Anteo Records/NVM) with a second video for the title track of this coming album. The clip can be found on Youtube under this URL:

We are still taking requests from press & radio for this release!

Here comes a short information from the band about this video:

"Every good change starts from a question and for what we think, war is never the right answer. There's no winner when someone dies. Nothing of good comes from destruction and suffering. This song is trying to be something like a wake-up call, a food for thought about the fact that violence is never a valid answer to our problems. Maybe we all should find a new way of thinking. Don't you all think that it would be great to change, to grow, to evolve in something better, something new? A brave new world where we could live unscared or even better, unscarred?

We found a perfect location to shoot this video in a wonderful park near Rome, in Anguillara Sabazia (a few steps away from Bracciano's lake).

The idea was to have two opposite factions ready to fight each other but we had some problems with the organization of the shooting. Just the day before, we still were without any army to use and that was a BIG problem. Thanks god at the last moment we found the contact of the Chimera Softair Team and let me tell ya, if you see them you will never realize that they aren't a real army. They are stunning and amazingly realistic. So with all the trouble solved, we were finally ready to start.

The shooting took a couple of days and we all really had good moments together. We spent a long time with Chimera's Army and we had a lot of funny moments with them especially because they were doing a music video for the first time. Was funny to see them staring at us during our playback, like if we were strange creatures coming from another world :) But we suppose it's normal when you haven't seen something like that before. They were really great people and fundamental to helping us doing a good job. Now we really can't wait to share this video to the world and we really hope you'll like it.”

Following on from the fantastic reception of their latest album “New Era”, released on Dead End Exit Records (A division of RoastingHouse), CLOUDSCAPE hits the road to promote themselves and their forthcoming fifth studio album.

Since the formation, CLOUDSCAPE have gone on to play at renowned festivals such as ProgPower Europe, Sweden Rock Festival , ProgPower UK, and Bloodstock Open Air.

The release of CLOUDSCAPE´S forthcoming album is planned to May/June 2014, and during the tour, the fans will also be able to lay their hands on a limited tour album!


22.02. Sweden, Helsingborg, The Tivoli

23.02. Denmark, Copenhagen, Amager Bio

25.02. Belgium, Verviers, Spirit of 66

27.02. Spain, Barcelona, Sala Bikini

28.02. Spain, Madrid, Sala Lemon

01.03. Spain, San Sebastian, C.C. Intxaurrondo

02.03. Spain, Zaragoza, Sala Lopez

04.03. Germany, Bremen, Meisenfrei Blues Club

05.03. UK, London, The Underworld

06.03. UK, Sheffield, Corporation

07.03. Netherlands, Uden, De Pule

08.03. Germany, Burgrieden, Riffelhof

09.03. Switzerland, Uster, Star Club

11.03. Italy, Brescia, Circolo Colony

12.03. Slovakia, Bratislava, Club Randal

13.03. Hungary, Budapest, A38

Cloudscape Line-Up: Mike Andersson : Lead vocals, Patrik Svard : Guitars, Stefan Rosqvist : Guitars,  Hakan Nyander : Bass, Fredrik Joakimsson : Drums

Cloudscape Discography: Cloudscape (2004), Crimson Skies (2006), Global Drama (2008), New Era (2012)

Cloudscape links: