product: Twlight Force - Tales Of Ancient Prophecies

label: Black Lodge/ Sound Pollution

out: 06.06.2014

PR territory: D, CH, AT & UK

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The foundation for what is now Twilight Force was laid out in 2011, when Felipe and Daniele decided to bring back the golden age of Epic Symphonic Power Metal. By combining strong melodies with orchestral arrangements and fast tempos, they wanted to create an intense and memorable listening experience; immersing the audience in a magic universe filled with wonder, heroic tales and mesmerizing mythical worlds.

Using their vast experience from previous musical endeavours, their classical training and technical proficiency, they started working intensely and meticulously from their studio in the heart of Sweden, the "Twilight Forge". The music took shape and grew from the depths of their hearts, and the fundaments of the songs swiftly came into existence. After searching for suitable companions to fill up the ranks of Twilight Force, they finally heard tales of Christians' great mountain-shattering vocal range. Upon hearing the songs, he soon felt the urge to join the quest, and the musical vision of Daniele and Felipe could be realized. Brilliant drummer Robban (Sabaton, Eclipse, ex-Jeff Scott Soto, Astral Doors (live) and excelling bass player Borne soon also joined to complete the line-up of Twilight Force. The first ever Adventure Metal album, Tales of Ancient Prophecies, will soon be unleashed upon the world, and a second album is already in the making.

product: Mother Road - Drive

label: Road Songs/ AOR Heaven

out: 23.05.2014

PR territory: world (without UK)

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MOTHER ROAD is the brainchild of Austin, TX (USA) based rock singer Keith Slack and Berlin (Germany) based guitarist Chris Lyne.

Named after “The Mother Road”, another name for the US’ legendary, historic Route 66 highway, this international Hard Blues Rock band is impressively transferring the vintage sounds and the trademarks of this genre into the new decade. Founded in 2011 and based on mutual musical influences, Slack & Lyne promptly felt the chemistry between them was right and the song-writing process soon accelerated. In the meantime, the line-up was completed with keyboard player Alessandro DelVecchio, drummer Zacky Tsoukas and bassist Frank Binke.

Guitarist Chris Lyne is well known for his astonishing work with his previous group Soul Doctor. His main influences include some of the greatest British guitar players such as Gary Moore, Jimmy Page, Paul Kossoff and John Sykes. American singer Keith Slack acted as frontman of the bands Steelhouse Lane and Michael Schenker Group (MSG), and also his own blues-influenced Hard Rock band Mudpie. Slack’s influences include a whole variety of styles and music from bands including Paul Rodgers, Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, King’s X and The Cult.

“Drive” is the band’s first full-length album and will be released on the group’s very own Road Songs label with the distributor AOR Heaven.

product: Outloud - Let's Get Serious

label: AOR Heaven

out: 23.05.2014

PR territory: Europe (without UK)

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OUTLOUD is back with a vengeance! The Greek kings of melodic hard rock featuring Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and American singer Chandler Mogel announce the release of their long-awaited third album Let’s Get Serious, a blaze of melodic bliss once again mixed and mastered by the great Tommy Hansen and releasing this summer on the AOR Heaven label.

Internationally, Outloud has sold over 8,000 CDs since its acclaimed debut released in 2009, and has become the most viewed Greek Hard Rock band on Youtube, with over 400,000+ views.  Their song “We Run” appeared on a handful of reputable compilations and also was named ‘Track of the Day’ in Classic Rock Magazine in June, 2009.  The band has toured its home country multiple times, has appeared on national TV there and also on the cover for Greek Metal Hammer, the country’s biggest rock publication.

The album features 11 brand new songs, plus a cover of OMD’s Enola Gay - “Outloud” style!  Also featured is very special guest George Kollias (Nile) who played all the drums on the album, and a special appearance by guitar god Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) on probably what could be called the heaviest Outloud track to date, Toy Soldiers.

Stay tuned for more info and look for Let’s Get Serious on May 23rd, 2014 at a store / on a computer near you!!!!!

product: Red Mourning - Where Stone And Water Meet

label: Bad Reputation

release date: 25.04.2014

PR territory: Germany & Austria

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RED was the MOURNING color of the Delta slaves who brought the blues

into this world...100 years later, RED MOURNING plays a unique kind of METAL, full of SLIDE-GUITAR BLUES and NO-SHIT HARDCORE. The band is brimming with EMOTION, both on stage and on this 3rd album, produced by FRANCIS CASTE (Bukowski, The Sticky Boys, The Arrs, Svart Crown).

RED MOURNING has toured France (incl. HELLFEST) and Belgium extensively, and is now back for more!

Red Mourning was born in Paris (France) in 2003, when pure luck brought four unlikely metalheads together. They quickly realized they saw music the same way. Whatever they played was going to be sincere, innovative, and most of all, a way to let the accumulated trauma of their lives explode on stage.

Together, they started roaming the Paris underground scene, with its share of fights, and even the occasional gunshot. The self-taught four-piece also hung out as much as possible at local sound-engineering schools, recording demo after demo. These experiments soon yielded a 3-track SP (2004), and a 6-track EP (2006), both today sold-out.

Gradually, the band developed a genuine personality. What was just four chunks of strong musical character was now turning into a well-honed war-machine. Each band-member brings his own personal influences to the mix: hardcore punk, Chicago blues, grunge, old- and new-school death metal… The result is a sound that is unique in today’s metal scene. How many other bands out there combine blast-beats, Blues harp, sludge, and vocal harmonies (to name just the most obvious elements)?

Red Mourning keep pushing their own boundaries, and devote heart and soul to their music. So it was only a matter of time before this creative discipline gave birth to “Time To Go”, the band’s first LP. Its lyrics are introspective and dark, dealing with being unable to escape your past, death, or life’s lack of meaning.

Red Mourning chose Francis Caste, France’s N°1 metal-expert, to handle the record’s production. They spent six long weeks locked up in his Paris studio to record Pregnant With Promises, the second album. The result sounds like it came straight out of a Delta swamp… After all, Red Mourning got their name from the slaves’ mourning color. The sound itself is best described as “moist”, and gives the tracks an oppressive and organic feel. The songs themselves combine groove with violence.The rhythmic foundation is technical without being pretentious. On top of that comes a big fat layer of aggressive and sometimes discordant riffing. Then, the distinctive vocals, with hardcore screams and vocal melodies often backed two, three, or even four times.

Naturally, the Red Mourning sound wouldn’t be complete without a few sharp guitar solos, and some wailing Blues harp. While very unusual in a metal context, the harmonica seems like an obvious choice here.

product: JATD - II

label: Command Records

release date: 23.05.2014

format: CD

PR territory: G-A-S (printed press & online)

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Kurz nach ihrer Gründung 2010 konnten Janina & The Deeds schon einiges auf ihrem Erfolgs-Konto verbuchen. Die Single „Bye Bye Bye“ wurde in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz täglich im TV gesendet – in einem bekannten Waschmittel-Werbespot (Ariel).

In kürzester Zeit fanden sich mehr als 10.000 Fans auf dem damals maßgebenden Medium Myspace. Noch während dieser Tage entschloss die Band sich daher, ein ganzes Album mit erdigen Rock-Popsongs herauszubringen, ergänzt mit einer Prise Punkrock. Zunächst zu viert, folgten erste Live-Auftritte in Berlin, Brandenburg und Hamburg. Eine Weile gabs die zusammen mit amerikanischen Größen wie Jimi Jamison von Survivor (Eye of the Tiger) und Jenna-Sanz-Agero von Vixen (Cryin’). Das Album „Last Girl Standing“, gemastert vom fünffachen Grammy-Gewinner Gavin Lurrssen aus L.A., sollte sich nicht nur in Deutschland, sondern bald auch in den USA verkaufen.

Die studierte junge Sängerin, bei einem Konzert vom renommierten Produzenten Robert Papst entdeckt, machte aus ihrem Fulltime-Job beim Radio kurzerhand eine Teilzeitangelegenheit. Und widmete sich als Sängerin, Gitarristin und Komponistin ganz dem neuen Projekt.

Highlights im Jahr 2011 waren mehrere Gigs in Amerika. Mit dabei das Rock and Pop Masters Festival in Florida. Hier sang Janina vor über 10.000 Menschen, auch zusammen mit Kool and the Gang und den Spin Doctors. Zwei Songs der Band liefen zeitgleich auf US-Radiostationen.

Die Single „Dastard Beasts“ stieg in die deutschen Airplay-Charts Mainstream auf Platz 88 ein. Den schmissigen Bass lieferte dafür John „Rhino“ Edwards von Status Quo, der über Bekannte von Janina und ihren Jungs begeistert wurde. Der Song zeugte eine Menge TV-Präsenz in Deutschland.

Mittlerweile zu fünft, spielte die Band sich in Deutschland in die Herzen der Fans. 2012 war dann die Zeit gekommen, etwas Neues zu machen. Die Arbeit am zweiten Album wurde sehr bereichert durch neue Einflüsse. Rhino von Status Quo haut nicht nur in den Bass, sondern bringt sich noch mit Text und Komposition ein.

Matt Beck von Matchbox Twenty (Unwell, She’s so mean) spielt die Lapsteel, ein schaurig schönes Instrument, das auch dazu beiträgt, das neue Werk zum State of The Art zu machen.

Sommer 2012 brachten JATD als Vorgeschmack aufs neue Album die Single „The Crown Of Life“ heraus, die sogleich auf Platz 64 in den Airplay-Charts landete. Präsenz gabs dabei im deutschen und österreichischen TV.

„The Deeds“ leitet sich vom englischen „Tat“ ab, und die Tat führt dann zum Täter. Immer neue, international erfolgreiche Musiker haben sich der Arbeit angeschlossen und sind so zu weiteren „Tätern“ geworden. So ist aus der überschaubaren Band ein Projekt von Vielen geworden, das Fans mittlerweile kurz als „JATD“ bezeichnen und schätzen.

Zahlreiche Reisen in die USA, Studioaufnahmen in Los Angeles, Nashville und New York folgten. Janina, die selbst Verwandtschaft in den Staaten hat, wurde indessen stets auf ihren amerikanischen Akzent aufmerksam gemacht, der ihr daraufhin erst wirklich aufgefallen ist..

Einer der ganz großen Gitarristen aus Nashville bringt in Qualität kaum zu überbietende Riffs und Melodien auf die neue CD. Guthrie Trapp ist im Moment mit Ashley Monroe auf Tour, die auch schon mit Train (Drops of Jupiter, Drive By) gesungen hat.

Ebenfalls in der Gegend wohnt Charlie Morgan, einer der besten Schlagzeuger weltweit, und gibt dem neuen Album unheimlichen Drive. Er hat nur für die Großen wie Tina Turner und Elton John getrommelt.

Die Nashville Sessions haben JATD‘s bisherigen Rock/Pop teilweise zu einem neuartigen Crossover-Country und Südstaaten-Indie-Rock geführt. Dass Nashville, die Music City, nicht nur althergebrachten Country bringt, wissen neben den Kings of Leon auch die Editors zu schätzen, die in Europa große Erfolge feiern. Auch Nu Folk-Klänge sind bei JATD zu hören, die sich wiederum modern mit 80ies Sounds verbinden.

Gavin Lurrssen, der jüngst für Bruno Mars gearbeitet hat und gerade für Taylor Swift einen Grammy bekam, ist wieder der Mastering-Engineer für das Album „II“.

Auch ein Song mit großem Orchester findet sich auf „II“. Der bekannte Dirigent Andreas Kowalewitz (Münchner Symphoniker, WDR Rundfunkorchester usw.) hat eigens ein Streicherarrangement geschrieben, das wiederum den neuen Sound sehr bereichert. Ein Duett mit Jenna Sanz-Agero aus Los Angeles ist ebenfalls dabei.

Die Melodien stammen diesmal, bis auf eine kleine Ausnahme die Rhino liefert, ausschließlich aus Janinas Feder. Die anstehende Tour wird dank der herausragenden Live-Band für Emotionen und mitreißende Momente sorgen. Ein Plattendeal in Süd-Korea ist das jüngste Ereignis in der Vita von JATD.

Be prepared for the JATD-Experience!

product: StOp sToP - Join The Party!

label: Metalapolis

release date: 17.04.2014

format: CD

PR territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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The story of stOp sToP is the story of their members!

The story of Jacob A.M, founder, singer and bassist, has been a wild one. Born in Menorca (Spain) he moved from Barcelona via Milano (Italy) to Los Angeles, USA! He lived in a van in Sunset Boulevard right behind the legendary Whiskey A Go Go always on the lookout to find just the right people for his band, which he did in October 2009!

Vega, the guitar player, has been tired of boring bands and thirsty for Rock’n Roll when he decides to join the group. His sleazy and AOR kinda playing makes him to live for what he always wanted to do:  Sex, Rock and more sex! Drummer Danny Stix is born in Sofia (Bulgaria) and was a huge fan oft he band when he was asked to join. He is a skinny boy with massiv hair and a bad ass, very loud drummer, the perfect soundmachine for he threepiece!

Following the release of their debut album "Unlimited" in the winter of 2010, the band received loads of good reviews from the Spanish rock magazines and radio stations and prospects looked good with sold out shows in one of Barcelona's major venue, 'Mephisto'. However, in spite of a measure of acclaim from local press and fanbase, a subsequent Spanish tour brought home the reality that the band would never attract enough support in Spain to make it to the 'big time' so at the end of October 2011 they left everything behind, bought a van, booked some gigs in U.K., upped sticks and moved! Not caring they had nowhere to stay, they gambled everything, living in a van like gypsies and continued rocking like hell!

Surprisingly, the UK response to "StOp SToP!" proved more than the band ever expected: the people really loved them, so they decided to stay on and tour for a further 7 months returning to Barcelona in July 2012 to record their second album. Since then the band is back touring in the UK and now they only have one more wish!

Everybody should JOIN THE PARTY! Don't miss it! Love them or hate them, these three undeniably play real, hard-rock. Madness and perversion are their favourite weapons!

product: Toto - 35th Anniversary Tour Live In Poland

label: Eagle Vision

release date: 25.04.2014

formats: DVD, Blu-ray, Deluxe Book, 2-CD

PR territoriy: Germany & Austria (print & radio)

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Dieses spektakuläre Konzert im Rahmen ihrer 2013er Welttournee zeigt Toto bei den Feierlichkeiten ihres 35jährigen Jubiläums in der Atlas Arena im polnischen Lodz. Die abwechslungsreiche Show mit Hits und Klassikern wie „Africa”, „Rosanna”, „Hold The Line”, „I Won’t Hold You Back”, „Pamela”, „I’ll Be Over You” oder „Hydra” verkörpert die faszinierende Mischung aus handwerklichem Geschick, Herzblut und Vitalität, allesamt typische Markenzeichen der gesamten Laufbahn dieser Band. Die einzelnen Gruppenmitglieder haben auf vielen berühmten und erfolgreichen Alben der Rockgeschichte mitgewirkt, aber immer dann, wenn sie sich unter dem Toto-Banner treffen, entsteht etwas Einzigartiges und sehr Spezielles. Dies ist Toto in Bestform. Veröffentlicht wird „35th Anniversary Tour – Live In Poland“ parallel auch als DVD (EREDV1031), Doppel-CD (EDGCD531) und in einer besonders hochwertigen Deluxe-Buch-Edition (EREDV1030). Das beigefügte Bonusmaterial gewährt einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen.