product: Mats Karlsson - The Time Optimist

release date: 06.12.2019

label: MK Music/ Sound Pollution

promo territory: Europe

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Mats Karlsson, guitarist and songwriter with classic Swedish hard rock act 220 Volt is releasing his first ever solo album titled “The Time Optimist” on December 6th 2019. Mats, a native Swede grew up in Östersund in northern Sweden but has resided in Stockholm since the mid 80's.

The new record is a collection of songs that are a bit more laid back than the 220 Volt stuff, and move freely between rock, hard rock, singer/songwriter style and some AOR-touches here and there.

Mats asked his brother Ulf to play all keyboards, and gathered some great musician friends to help out incl. drummer Björn “Grizzly” Höglund (Easy Action, The Summit, Hoven Droven), drummer Peter Hermansson (220 Volt, Talisman, John Norum), Bass-ace Nalle Påhlsson (Therion, Treat, Easy Action), and also some well-known musicians in Sweden as drummer Mike Ajax, bassist Lars Ericsson (The Summit), the first 220 Volt singer Christer “Frille” Åsell and also vocalist Jenny Fall.

“The Time Optimist” consists of 11 tracks in different styles, nine tracks penned by Mats, one by Mats co-written with Björn Höglund, and the album also has a cover of the track “Real Gone” by Sheryl Crow/John Shanks. There are two duets where Mats shares the lead vocals with singer Jenny Fall, and one with “Frille” Åsell.

The term “time optimist” is a Swedish expression referring to a person who is always positive that he/she will achieve a certain amount of work in specified time and often failing.

This self-produced release will come out on CD, vinyl and on digital platforms on December 6th 2019.

“Megalo Seitani” will be available as a lyric video & single on October 4th. A second track will also be released ahead of the album.


product: Wrecking Crew - Fun In The Doghouse (re-issue)

release date: 15.11.2019

label: Bad Reputation

PR territory: Germany, Austria & Switzerland only

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It was hard to find nowdays album from this Aussie rock band of the 90’s released in 1993. “Fun in the Doghouse” is the band’s only work. The album was produced by Kevin Shirley (Journey, Iron Maiden, Rush, Joe Bonamassa, Mr. Big and so many others). But from now, this mistake is rectified!

Not to be confused with the famous group of LA session musicians who became known as the Wrecking Crew during the 60s and 70s; this Wrecking Crew was formed in Sydney during 1987 and is just one of many bands throughout the world to have taken their name from this revered group of amazingly talented musicians.  However also distinguishing Sydney’s Wrecking Crew from this now famous group is their musical style.  Instead of playing every known style of pop music on record; frontman / lead vocalist Dave Wilkins and co stuck to what they do best – playing no frills hard rock with a touch of blues and funk for good measure.  This isn’t to say that they weren’t talented musicians – because they certainly were; however the constraints of playing in a no frills hard rock band often don’t allow musicians to show off their true versatility. The band had a respectable following in Sydney, particularly during the early 90s.  They played at many of the popular live music venues including Selinas (Coogee Bay Hotel) where the band recorded their only music video to promote their single ‘Stay’. In addition to releasing several CD singles – ‘Welcome to the Circus‘ in 1992; ‘Stay‘ in 1993 and ‘She Wants Love‘ also in 1993; a full length album titled ‘Fun in the Doghouse‘ was also released showcasing the bands excellent song writing and musicianship. 

 Wilkins later moved on to form Aussie pop / rock band Utopian Babies, best known for their radio friendly hit single ‘One of These Days‘.  Wilkins has also been credited with songwriting alongside some major Australian talents including Diesel, Ian Moss, Wendy Matthews, Kate Ceberano, Shannon Noll

NOW, the band is back. This great bluesy-funky- hard album is underrated and deserved another chance to reach his audience. Three tracks have been added and each song have been remastered. Mark Wilkinson took care about the new cover and a nice intensive booklet have been created.

THAT’S WHY, Bad Reputation is working this album like a new ONE, with a proper promotion and marketing. And not like a normal reissue.

If you like the following GREAT WHITE, SALTY DOG, SAIGON KICK and all the 90’s bands from the Rock Arena , you will enjoy this masterpiece

WRECKING CREW is currently working on a new album

product: Carl Dixon - One (re-issue)

release date: 25.10.2019

label: AOR Heaven

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Dixon’s solo debut ‘One’ (1993), appears to have been a pretty obvious move for a man of his standing (at least from the European perspective). Carl, born in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario had come to prominence in the early 80s as one of the frontmen for the critically acclaimed Canadian hard rock band Coney Hatch.

However, having released three albums between 1982 and 1985, Dixon had become pretty disillusioned with his career at that point; tired of the many frustrations that being on a major label (who don’t appear to care) brings on a touring band trying to get noticed. Ironically, as has been shown time and again, North American bands often appear to be curiously shielded from any success they may be achieving abroad. In Coney Hatch’s case there was another market out there bursting to embrace them in Europe, if only they’d known about it.

After focussing on songwriting for other artists for a while, eventually switching focus from North America, where Grunge was on the brink, to Europe, especially Germany, where Coney Hatch made a much bigger impact, Carl wouldn’t fully learn about it only until Coney Hatch’ performance at the 2014 edition of Firefest, England.

’One’ features fifteen songs, one of them (‘One Good Reason’) a co-write with Brett Walker, another one (‘Taste Of Love’) Aerosmith meets Def Leppard flavored.

Dixon’s first wife Stella ended up adding backing vocals alongside e.g. Mark Santer (Santers) or Mike Shotton (Von Groove). It took a month of recording in four different studios especially focussing on how the guitars sound. The Canadian still is very proud of it and about the fact that people still remember the album.

After being with The Guess Who and April Wine for a while and a horrible car crash in Australia in 2008, he’s back with Coney Hatch leading to the 2013 record ‘Four’ and has released a couple of solo records since. Additionally, he’s having a brand new solo effort by the name of ‘Unbroken’ coming out soon on with he collaborated with Frontline’s Robby Böbel.

This reissued version of ‘One’ contains two bonus tracks, is digitally remastered by Chris Lyne and comes with liner notes by Dave Reynolds.

product: Orion's Reign - Symphony Of War (EP)

release date: 27.09.2019

label: Pride & Joy Music

format: digital 7 track EP

“Symphony of War” is the new release by Orion’s Reign. On this new work, the band, having already released the full length symphonic epic album “Scores of War”, emphasizes on the symphonic elements of its music and offers symphonic versions of songs from its latest album. Tim Ripper Owens and Mark Boals are guest vocalists. In addition, a folk version of song “Nostos” and a symphonic metal cover of “Elan” (Nightwish) are included.

product: Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard - Feels Like Yesterday

release date: 25.10.2019

label: RMB Records

promo territory: Germany, Austria & Switzerland only!

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Die Zeit vergeht wie im Fluge. Fast drei Dekaden zogen seit der Gründung von JADED HEART ins Land. Die Wege trennten sich 2004 nach vierzehn turbulenten Jahren.

Den Bitten nachkommend, ziehen MICHAEL BORMANN´S JADED HARD seit Anfang 2017 mit einem Best of von 1990 – 2004 erfolgreich durch die Lande. Never say never!

Aufgrund der phänomenalen Resonanz entschied sich Michael, einen Schritt weiter zu gehen und schrieb ca. zwei Dutzend neue Songs für 'MBJH'. Zwölf davon landen nun auf dem neuen Silberling FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY. Typischer AOR / MELODIC ROCK wechselt sich mit akustischen Songs, kraftvollen Uptempo Nummern und wunderschönen Balladen ab, die Stimmung von Melancholie bis hin zu überschäumender Lebensfreude auslösen.

FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY ist eine Fortführung des Stils der Alben bis 2004. Produziert wurde wieder in den RMB STUDIOS, Duisburg.

Das Werk erscheint am 25.10.2019 auf RMB Records. Zeitgleich startet eine Tour durch einige europäische Länder.

Line up: Michael Bormann – Leadvox & Git; Chris 'Hexe' Ivo – Keyboards & Vox; Michael 'Maikel' Müller – Drums; Christoph 'Baumi' Baumeister – Bass & Vox; Thommy Dahlem – Git & Vox

Tracklist: 1. Feel Like I’m Living, 2. It Feels Like Yesterday, 3. Won’t Surrender, 4. Bring Me Higher Love, 5. We’d Still Make It, 6. Mr. Mysterious, 7. Good Times, 8. Just One More Step Away, 9. Don’t You Ever Leave, 10. I’m A Son Of A Gun, 11. Shout It All Out, 12. Everybody Is A Rockstar

product: Danger Zone - Don't Count On Heroes

release date: 18.10.2019

label: Pride & Joy Music

territory: world

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When Roberto Priori (g) started the Italian band DANGER ZONE in the early 80s a long hard road lay ahead of them. After various demos and line-up changes, they released the LP “Victim Of Time” (1984). But it wasn’t until 1987 when they gained bigger attention in Italy from audiences and media alike, followed by live performances with e.g. Saxon and on some hard rock festivals. The aim was to break the US market and resulted in at least a successful gig at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles in the summer of ’88. In 1989 “Line Of Fire“ was recorded in Venice/Italy under the wings Stephan Galfas (e.g. Meat Loaf, Savatage and Stryper) and produced by Jody Gray and Mark Cobrin (Loudness/EZO). Later that year, fate saw the members moving to L.A. for half a year and playing shows. Unfortunately, the finished album got shelved, but as the years went by, "Line Of Fire" reached an underground cult status with both press and fans.

Finally in 2011, "Line Of Fire" saw the light of day, carefully remastered by Roberto Priori. The band already got back together in 2010 working on new material and playing live. Before original DANGER ZONE band members Roberto Priori (g), Paolo Palmieri (d) and Giacomo Gigantelli (v) entered the studio, they added Roberto Galli (b) to their line-up.

First sessions took place in Roberto’s PriStudio in Bologna, followed by a trip of singer Giacomo Gigantelli to New York, where he met Jody Gray, one of the key members of the production team of the “Line Of Fire” album more than 20 years ago, resulting in creative work. “Undying” (2012), being full of catchy melodies and powerful guitar riffs firmly build on DANGER ZONE’s musical roots of the 80s while adding a slightly modern edge.

With new bass player Matteo Minghetti, the band started to write for the new album featuring Pier Mazzini (Perfect View) and Whitesnake’s Michele Luppi on keyboards. "Closer To Heaven" (2016) has been released by Pride & Joy Music on April 2016 and has been unanimously acclaimed as their best album so far and one of the best AOR/hard rock albums of 2016.

The band, now being joined by Danio Faggiolino (g), kept playing live while working on new songs. Keyboards brought new possibilities, adding a new and more "cinematic" dimension. In 2018, recordings of the new album, again produced by Priori and Gray, started.


product:  REXORIA - Ice Breaker

release date: 18.10.2019

label: Pride & Joy Music

territory: world

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The Swedish melodic heavy metal band REXORIA is now back with their second album 'Ice Breaker' which delivers a lot of power, speed and metal feeling!

Band members are Jonas Gustavsson (b/g), Cristofer Svensson (g), Martin Gustavsson (d) and the charismatic singer Frida Ohlin. Together they create a sound with various folk and power influences which will bring you right into the dark forests and up on high mountains!

'Ice Breaker' has been mixed and mastered in the famous studio Studio Fredman in Gothenburg by Fredrik Nordström.

Joining the band as a guest singer on their Swedish song ”Vår Verklighet” is Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil). Jobert Mello created the artwork (Sabaton, Primal Fear).

The four-piece has been touring and sharing the stage with bands like Battle Beast, Bloodbound, Thobbe Englund (ex Sabaton) and Dynazty. So if that's the type of music you like, you should make sure you check out REXORIA and their new album 'Ice Breaker'!